Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tips For Durian Lovers!

Durian lovers... this post is dedicated to you!!!
Yes, the Durian Season is here.... (lai liow) and NO, I have not bought any yet. AA asked me to wait for him to come back first then only we go walloping them durians!! LOL...

But before we wallop, I better go through this tips on how to choose.... we cannot always depend on the durian fella.. he sure mixes good and not-so-good durians for us. This time we better go prepared.... Right? OK, now the tips....
  • Look at the tip, if it is too dry means it is no longer fresh. A little dry is okay.
  • Then look at the bottom, if it is crack it may be over-ripe or not so fresh but it can still be delicious.
  • Smell the durian, if there is a strong smell, it is most likely good. If there is no smell, it is probably not ripe.
  • Use your fingernails to scratch the durian, if it sounds hollow it is likely to be a good one.
  • Put the durian close to your ear, shake it and listen carefully, if there is a 'moving' sound, it is likely to be good.
  • Look for holes around the durian, if there is tiny hole somewhere, there is likely to be a worm (larva of an insect) that has burrow into it.
  • Yes, there is actually a 7th step, but it's not going to be useful. If you have the chance to open the durian, open it and taste it. :)
Ok, armed with these easy to remember tips, let's go and conquer the durian fellas!!!


  1. Haven't been to the market... Don't think the durian here is in season. Anyway, I'm not a fan. Never buy - if people give, then I eat... Hahahahaha!!!

  2. I remember that last year you ate so many of these that you got sick. It is strange to our country...have seen it on your blog for the first time.

  3. woah...thx for the durian tips!!! hehe

  4. *horrified* Durians? LOL... very good to repel a mat salleh vampire like me. You like durian ah? My grandmother in law got durian orchard.. but I tak minat. I like rambutans and dokong more!

  5. Thanks for the tips. But I hate durian..LOL

  6. Nice tips. I ate once and forever don't eat. :P

  7. stp: like that ah? if i were like u, then no chance to eat durian liow.. no one sure buy for me one! :(

    lynette: did i really? i have forgotten about that.. lol.. but sure wont keep me away!

    philip: anytime.. hahaha..

    cleff: best if u dont eat.. then can share with us.. just sms me, i go down KL to take!!!

  8. greenteacarm: hope these tips help! hahahaa...

    jfook: serious? they r the king of fruits! :p

    sonny: u too? ok, then at least u wont feel the heat in u.. lol...

  9. fuiyo! cool lah claire. now u can be a duri expert :D dis will definitely come handy in the months to come.. durian season is here :D

  10. I like this post! My mom bought some home the other day. Not so nice ler... Next round, i'll go choose instead :p

  11. Ooohh durians! Saucer's favourite! Never knew how to differentiate durians.. always get recommendations from the seller only. LOL!

  12. me likey durian

    let me add some more

    -tip must be sharp mean fresh
    -colour dark green mean bitter taste

  13. medie007: buy, buy .. buy!!

    merryn: now getting ready .. then go!!!

    agnes: yes, we r blur blur on how to choose. at least now got tips.. hahaha...

    sweetwitch: if durian fella guarantee, then nv mind...

    kathy: wah, u lagi expert tim..

  14. wah...durians. long time nvr eat ad....

  15. your tips were useful to me...i like durian very much...i dunno how to choose i knew

  16. okey,okey towkayneo...give me 10 biji the green skin no15 - poslaju to me if possible,hehehe!

  17. Didn't know that we have tips for durians. LOL :D

  18. gab: so when coming?

    kumfye: so when going to buy?

    ah ngao: u go test out the tips and tell me...

    tekkaus: see they are effective or not..

  19. oh my gawd... CNY calories i pun belum burn away.. and now,, durian season pulak ! LOL !!!

  20. oh my gawd... CNY calories i pun belum burn away.. and now,, durian season pulak ! LOL !!!

  21. oh my gawd... CNY calories i pun belum burn away.. and now,, durian season pulak ! LOL !!!


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