Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Night With Thomas Cup Again!

At this moment of writing, I am watching TV9 between Wong Choon Hann and Jorgensen. Wong lost the first set by a mere 2 points, both reaching 20-20... aiyoh..... he must be very disappointed. I think he plays better than that Hafiz, right?

These pictures were captured during the KKK/TBH 2nd game... so exciting!

see the score.... 19/20
Malaysian fans...

Denmark fans...

mogensen tonight made a lot of mistakes..

the whispering victory... last point to winning...
wonder what Tan was whispering to Koo... is it...
"Please Be Serious, No More Fancy Moves, OK!"

and where am I doing?
sitting here lar..
hands on keyboard,
eyes on the TV screen!

ok, latest update before I go sleep.. 11.15pm, Hafiz won the deciding match for Malaysia against Denmark. Finally...finally! But.. our happiness will be shortlived, cos Malaysia will be meeting with the Great Wall of China! :p


  1. Yeah... we are buddies! My eyes are glued to the TV while my hands are busy typing too....

  2. I am watching it too right now. I hope chong hann can nail it for us. :)

  3. this ust be a very exciting event huh?

    thanks for sharing.. have a great day and happy blogging

  4. mingna: so kan cheong.. my pressure has gone up surely! sigh..hope this double they win la.. but sure go to rubber set..

    tekkaus: he didnt la... close but didnt.. and this doubles.. men also so close and yet so far..

    bluedreamer: too exciting for me.. aiyoh!

  5. what is that on the chair? Lastic ah?To lastic those two if the lose ka?

  6. lastic? hehee.. if tonight this hafiz doesnt win, then he can go retirement for good! :p

  7. and here i am.. watching hafiz in action :D

  8. yeah, hafiz saved malaysia from early exit! :-)

  9. finally i see the old hafiz.... hope he can repeat his good form. When he's on form, he's very good like winning all england last time. Anyway, this is what we like to see them played .... spirited displayed , unlike the match against the japs. That's how they won it last time. China will be tough!

  10. Hafiz has not disappoited us this time.

    Cheers to him.

  11. i agree with u.

    it is really exciting and happiness for all malaysian.

    next step is a ...... Great wall to pass through... not easy...

  12. haizzzzzzzzz i kenot watch but thanks for the update, keep them coming hahaha ehhh got internet website i can go and watch one ar?

  13. merryn: wah.. u pun tengok? hehehe.. last night he won cos the other side was not that good...

    waikeong: he won bec of denmark no more good players..

    chrisau: yeah, definitely the great wall is tough to break..

    rainfield: dont say so soon yet.. hahha...

    chvoon: yes, that one.. i think very difficult, Malaysia needs a miracle la..

    manglish: got .. u go to badminton, they have a few links u can go to see "live"

  14. Clair: Good photos from the TV. I like the way the fans are all dressed for the game.

  15. yea yea..i m also glueing on the sofa and the last match have to crawl on the bed edy since need to bring the gals go sleep. luckily he won else, wasted my time watching it the entire night..hhhaha

    CHina....oh...sweating la.

  16. Winning over The Danes in such a manner,, dangerous lah,,,,,,,anyway it is better to see Malaysia and China in the semi,,, shiok betul

  17. I am sure we'll lose to China, but all I am hoping for is to see some fighting spirit in the guys. That will certainly make my day.

  18. fishing guy: patriotic! all dressed up to support their own country players.

    mommyling: tomorrow friday, thank goodness.. can sit and stay up late!

    eugene: yes.. we dont have really good players actually.. tomorrow we need a miracle to win! :)

    kiasumom: maybe the first 3 sets also kau thim already.. hahaha..

  19. Very happy for M'sia ya. But that great wall of china looks tough. But maybe there are miracles. haha

  20. It does not matter if they lose as long as they give their best - like Choong Han. Lose with dignity...unlike Chong Wei in the Beijing Olympics finals! So frus to see him playing like some secondary school student in a kampong tournament!!!

  21. mnhl: yes, it needs a very strong team to break thru them.. hope for best...

    stp: i really pity him last night, he was doing his best.. with his age and his determination, he really fought with all he had... so emo.. if he is placed in the last deciding game, then he would have won easily..

  22. OK la, at least we got back some dignity after losing to Japan -cheh! Can get into semi-finals also not so malufying even tho' will lose to China, for sure!

  23. i tot of watching it but having 2 rascals to kao tim.... sighh!!!

  24. you know what....because u blog it that on i watch TV1 lor.. but i got astro at home ma.........

  25. raynebow: u r very right.. cannot be losing on the 2nd round ma.. homeground some more.. if lose to china, also not so malu.. but if they won against japan, they have a better chance with indonesia ..

    debbie, not to worry, tomorrow night, u can watch again.. :)

    rachel: i didnt know tv9 also showing.. when tv1 stopped for news, it was so frustrating!

  26. When i was still a child, we used to follow Thomas Cup... every match! My dad is a fan ma, so we budak-budak also follow. Now grown up oredi, don;t watch with my dad anymore. Kinda miss the excitement :-)

  27. i only managed to watch Hafiz in action. Nasib baik he won..phew! But, his winning also means 'no cuti peristiwa' for hubby & colleagues bcos their Danish boss promised to give the staffs a half-day off if Denmark win..

  28. Good on Hafiz...i stopped watching after the 2nd doubles lost. Hope he will carry the momentum for tonite's game.

    First single can win...provided he does not put undue pressure to himself..and make silly mistakes..other then that..should be a good fight.

    First doubles...must in straight sets and no 'bunga' shots. Especially Koo..he is bunga king.

    All the best to Malaysia.

  29. boeyjoey: last time when young, i was not so fanatic.. now very.. esp with lcw and kkk/tbh... :p

    mamamia: oh that case, dont know whether to please ourselves or please the boss.. hahaha...

    nightwing: so everyone knows about his bunga shots, huh... last night he didnt try much.. otherwise sure bungkus one.. he is famous for his falling and hitting from there..

  30. sei for meeting china ah. cialat. hope for the best oh

  31. claire = serious fan of badminton; not to be taken lightly :-)

  32. Oh I watched TV9 too! What a nail-biting match! All of them played well I think :) Ahh tomorrow is not going to be easy!

  33. irene: yeah.. pray for a miracle.. :P

    robinson: memang serious..howbouthen? hahaha... tomorrow all appointments cancelled please!

    sweetwitch: yes, another nail biting.. but no la.. i think tomorrow is an easy win for china..


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