Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thomas Cup With Denmark!

I am glued to the chair again.... Lee Chong Wei won the first set against Peter Gade in an exciting match. Now second set is on.... live telecast from me... hahhahaaa...

Peter had a slight sprain just now during the first set and requested for an interval. After that few minutes, he bounced back into action to make it par at 16-16. LCW was leading 13-7 when Peter was injured. OK, I m not a good commentator.. haahaa... just couldn't help relating.

Better concentrate on the game now.... but as many has speculated, Malaysia will not win today.. sigh...

Lee Chong Wei and Peter Gade...


  1. I hope our Malaysian team will not screw up again! :)

  2. hearsay ...Chong Wei may not make it to the final(hearsay only lah...from "source")

  3. Saw a bit of the Malay doubles pair - they sucked big time. One kept disgusting - made me wanna puke! And the fella looked fat/heavy too!

  4. tekkaus: now watching 3rd set of WCH...

    ah ngao: hahaha... this is not an open game.. team one..

    stp: hey, malay pairs not out yet..u saw the last nite one? now chinese playing..

  5. I have a premonition that something unpleasant could happen in the end...

  6. Now the 2nd doubles pair playing. MAS 2, DEN 1. Looking good?

  7. mingna: susah.. sigh.. going to lose again this men double..


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