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Purnama Beach Resort, Pangkor

We thought we would be sleeping in these type of chalets when we checked in on Monday. But no, the lobby girl led the way.... passing by here.... and to this.... instead... they looked new to me, thank goodness, only the weather turned us off on the first day, it was Xtremely hot that day and the air con was not working that good...

that was why I complained on the 1st day
but it was much better on Tuesday...
we could stand outside here and have a little chat....
this was the place we stayed for 2 nights... ok lar..
I expected the worst actually...
and this was taken tbefore we said our goodbyes..
thank God for safe journeys
and a pleasant trip altogether...


  1. awww.. so we gonna see u back at work tomorrow? or day after? :)

  2. Bulan purnama or a hensem hulk got or not? :P

  3. chey..... u r in Pangkor island...not far wat.Thought u r in PD or something...anyway, the chalet not bad la...quite pleasant! Welcome back to Ipoh!

  4. it is really perfect to hit the beach especially this hot summer

  5. by the way thanks for visiting my blog... all my blogs are active but my main blog would be the Top Five blog hehe

    have a great day and happy blogging

  6. i miss a few posts so i duno where u went until today hahahaha

  7. Hi Claire,
    Its 350 for sevice and extend passport for 3 years, 97 for 1 year insurance, and another 895 for renewal of permit for 1 year. I diy the extend passport part for RM18. I will be doing the permit renewal myself too later this month. :)

    I haven't been blog hopping for a while because of some personal issues, just noticed your nice new look. :)

  8. merryn: chop! im back at work today, not sunburn but tired only la.. nice to be home, nothing like home.. :p

    elaine: was blogging away, didnt go under moonlight...

    kathy: if got hensem hulk, i sure wont come back yesterday.. will extend stay liow.. hahahahhhaa..

    sjb: never asked.. all included in the package, not so sure..cos we use the conference room.

    bluedreamer: ok will add u in later in the evening.. top5!

    manglish: see pictures enough.. hahahah.. that is why i used as less words as possible..

    mumsgather: thank u for the information... really need that :p
    ok will add u in this evening too..

  9. The place looks not bad at all. Don't forget to get me souvenirs. :)

  10. i was in pangkor for my course in 2002 and i got sick when i reached home cos of too much pedas meals. how's yr meals there?

  11. Pangkor... Can't remember which year I went - late 90s. Stayed at this resort owned by this Tan fella - he was in the Thomas Cup Squad that won a long long time ago - maybe Punch Gunalan time. Loved the food- everyday fish, crabs, prawns, sotong... Yum! Yum!!!

  12. The place looks OK for me. Not so fantastic :)

  13. Opss.. weather was hot and air-cond not working?

  14. tekkaus: this comment came too late, sorry la.. i m now back home in IPOH.. some other time then.. :p

    wenn:mine all malay meals but they were much better than my canteen, that's for sure.. no complaints about the food cos i kept comparing with that.. but of course, i would love to eat or chien, steamed prawns, crabs.. but none available in our menu.. :0

    stp: Tan Aik Hwang ah? he opened resort? i also dont know.. there are so many beach resorts there now but none look attractive to me, maybe i went to the wrong part of pangkor.. mine is a budget resort but ok lar.. not as bad as i expected actually.. now that im back, i wont want to go again for a long time yet! hope they will read this.. hahahaha...

  15. vanilla7: yes, not attractive actually..

    serene: got air con but not that full blast kind one.. it is like automatic, controlled by one main switch...

  16. Been there thrice staying at the same resort.. Pangkor Island Resort. They have their own private beach. Not much to do there, just eat and laze around. Good place for family holidays though.

  17. Welcome home!! Great 'holiday' ar and sleep :P

  18. Eh I was right! My first guess was Pangkor :P Too bad you didn't get to stay at those cute chalets...

  19. inspiredmum: if only with family then shiok la.. this one got to do work one till 10.30pm at night.. so not much shiok.. hahhaaa...

    agnes: see me now.. plump auntie claire!!!

    sweetwitch: i remember someone guessed correctly but forgotten who.. so u were the one.. witch ma.. sure knows everything one.. :p

  20. Pangkor I have been there once only. Yeah i m also looking for travelling. I feel bored.

  21. wah...nice resort in pangkor....been a while i din go to this island since my college days...

  22. keeyit: this was my 3rd time there, i think..

    via: my first time was also during my teens.. gosh.. that was decades ago..

  23. yay! I wuz right. The beach wuz certainly Pantai Pasir Bogak. ;) any prize ka?

  24. Dont complain las sister, at least you got to eat and stay for free, i love pangkor,,,,

  25. welcome back... sure have good free tanning...hehehehhehe

  26. Wow. The place looks perfect. Great pics. Hope you have a wonderful time...:)

    Have an awesome day!

  27. got somemore training budget?
    ask ur dept to send LO or go to portal n register for a course in my centre..can or not...

  28. Clair: Looks like a neat place, hope you had a great time.

  29. gratitude: sure that is the name? i know i went to Teluk Nipah in Pangkor.. :p

    eugene: yes, no more complaints actually.. i only complained cos no internet and i miss my kids!

    cath: not tanned but fat only...

    mr smart: thank u.. i indeed had only after i came back.. haaha...

    rachel: KL out of perak la.. nowadays they can only approve those places within Perak to do courses...btw, what is your portal website?

    fishingguy: thank u... do come by more often!

  30. Not Aik Huang...the other Tan. Tan Yee Khan, I think. The Thomas Cup photographs all over the resort - his glory days!

  31. Looks to be very nice. Hope you had a relaxing and wonderful visit.

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