Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rape And Terror In School

I read with horror about this Rawang school these few days... I didn't know that such notorious and terror reigns in this 3000 students school, considered one of the largest number of students schools in Malaysia.

Just few days ago, I read the Star online publishing the students fear of going to school each day and even the adults were also fearful as well..... all because of gangsterism of some ex students lurking around the school asking for protection money.

If not for the plight of this poor girl student being raped recently by a group of "students," the higher authorities just "cannot" do anything about this because no one came forward to confirm the claims. It is just too sad...

When the STAR went undercover, they revealed the gory details of how the girl was tortured... if not mistaken, a 4cm pencil was pushed into her private parts and a bottle of medicated oil being douched on her as well..... Gosh!!! As if the raping is not enough... why are they so sadistic???

It is really disheartening... my heart goes out to the victims.... this happened not outside our society instead it was within the vicinity of the school... how safe are our schools now? What is happening to our students of today?


  1. Omg so jia lat. I thought such things only exist in dramas but clearly I am wrong.

    Hmph, see if I bcome the teacher of that school... one by one the gangsters will kena wallop lol.

  2. Tell that to their parents which brought up gangsters!

  3. School is a scary place these days :(

  4. Ya...what is happening to our students? Ask the parents lah!!! They only know how to shit...and they expect other people to clean up the mess.

  5. chrislim: it is nice to hear that from u.... hope u will be good teacher one day..

    chrisau: they were all released after questioning...

    merryn: yes, we dont know which is safe anymore..

    stp: what made them so cruel? where they learn this from? Internet? really disheartening..

  6. in between i believed the school's authorities are to be blamed also.bad things were happening and at the same time,the teachers,assistant headmaster or principal close one eye until...such serious case unfolded! - a pencil in her private part !the police have to go in otherwise,those culprits thought they can easily get away with it.imaging if your child or my child got bullied at school,i'll go all-out ! no mercy man

  7. Claire... dun get emo over this. I worked in The Star before as a journalist, and more often than not, it is a norm for The Star journalists to sensationalize news. That is what expected of us. One of the reason why I left.

    It might not be that horrible. Please don't scare yourself rotten. If it's really true, someone would have do something out to stop it.

    Did you notice that The Star now is much more a tabloid than pure, unadulterated news? And not just the Star. Most mainstream newspaper these days are merely... puppets and Gambits to the Queen.

    I wouldn't say the news is fake, but I wouldn't believe every single thing that they wrote either. Some of the news are half cooked truth, concocted to gain attention, and scandal.

    Speaking from experience, such news might be politically motivated too. Check out, what's going on in Rawang constituency as well. See what's going on, and why out of the sudden they are paying such attention to that constituency. Perhaps a cry to stop people from talking about the loss in Sibu recently as well.

    I'll completely believe if there's absolute evidence shown to me, but at the moment, let's not get ahead of ourselves and scares ourselves rotten and start locking up our children in the tower just yet.

    It's politics, Claire... politics. For what it's worth, true news are usually 'censored' by who and who to stop the public from mass panic. Somebody, somewhere... is trying to be a hero by sensationalizing this. Just wait and see.

  8. Ah Ngau:

    I beg to differ. I do not agree with your stand that teachers and school administrators are to blame simply because you don't work in this line so you can never understand how a teacher feels when he/she faces hundreds of students every day! So are the administrators! They have to solve the problems of the school. the problems of the teachers, students and everything on earth! You outsiders/parents are very good at pointing your fingers at teachers for the wrongdoings or the misbehaviour of the children nowadays. I really hope that you are in their shoes. Why don;t you spend a week observing how a school is run and how those rascals behave in schools(if yours are behaving in a similar manner)! The badly brought up children have their parents behind them so they are not afraid of any single thing in school! Teachers are not allowed to use the word 'stupid', 'nuisance' 'bad apple' etc. in schools. They have to talk to them in the most polite language even students are constantly insulting them with most painful-to-the-ear languages! You parents are very good at complaining! You like to listen to your own children but you never use your logical thinking skills to see it yourself, how your 'angels' behave in schools!

  9. Ming Na :
    may be you're right here(after reading your reply) and may be that's the whole truth of what did actually happened.i apologized for being "too quick" to pinpoint at teachers/school administrators simply because, when i learnt about what happened to that girl i was emotionally carried away - very angered that such thing happened.

  10. the good old days...teacher's word used to be the Law...

  11. This is so sick! I always thought that Malaysia was such a stable country.

  12. Ah Ngao:

    My apology for overreacting to your comments. I just want those who are in this line understand the whole circumstances. Teachers are given too little freedom now, being restricted to many red tapes, there is nothing much that they can do. They try to voice it but who bothers to listen? That's why most of the time they choose to keep quiet simply because they are very well aware of the existence of policy and how useless it is. They never say a word of grudge but that doesn't mean their lives are easy in schools. Many of my ex-teachers died months after their retirement. Can you guess why this is happening? A friend of mine who has been in the education line for more than 15 years was recently diagnosed with a very serious heart disease. I really want to know what's wrong with schools today?

  13. ya, not easy to be a teacher..lucky i was not one now.

  14. According to Claire's post, this rape occurred in the school. I agree with Ah Ngau.

    When a child misbehaved, all fingers pointed at the parents. Now, I am not saying that all parents are saints. Please give credits to some parents who take parenthood seriously. There are still some serious teachers but not many.

    School and teachers have to be blamed too. Kids spend most of their waking hours in school, you know? But when things went wrong, the teachers pin-pointed or rather pushed all to the parents. Well, if teachers are meant for teaching from books, then, these teachers has no rights to speak ill of those misbehaved children. Their jobs are to make very sure they do well in what the books say. How come still see many failures in exams leh? However, some of these teachers insult their students simply because they don't meet up to the teachers' requirements of promotion.

    A good and responsible teacher will never, never, and I repeat NEVER complained about their difficulties in a comment box. That's very unprofessional lor.

    Plenty said, "What's going on with these kids nowadays?".

    Well, parents will push the blame to the teachers, and teachers will push back the blame to the parents. At the end of the day, everyone is talking and no one is listening. Poor kid...

  15. Ming Na,

    You can jolly well voiced out your unhappiness regarding of your job. You have to realize, your JOB is not the Only job in the world. There are people out there holding different profession from yours. They are struggling and having difficult time with their bosses and clients too, you know?

  16. Claire, I am your fancee. Sorry ah, gotta use your space to voice out. Please excuse me,ya.

    As a parent, YOU, YES, You Ming na we are afraid of you to educate our kids!

    All you did was to fault kids and parents who disagree with you. Do you expect all kids to quietly and obediently subject to your mood of the day? As an educator, you shouldn’t have to question parents or their kids. Parents sent their kids to school not for the sake of becoming a genius instantly through you or your principal. Their priority is Safety, to make sure that their kids are safe with responsible adults educating the right thing to them. But here you are, you are complaining so much! You are not suitable for this job at all and I am afraid if my kid ended up with an educator like you. You want parents to see the down side of your job, but have you spared a thought for these parents? They work hard for their money like you too. They pay your salary not because they are lazy to be a parent to their kids, but to earn that extra little bit so that their kids will benefit all the learning from you which they can’t provide. Gee, money wasted!

  17. ! Teachers are not allowed to use the word 'stupid', 'nuisance' 'bad apple' etc. in schools. They have to talk to them in the most polite language even students are constantly insulting them with most painful-to-the-ear languages!

    Are you saying that you have all your intentions to use stupid, nuisance and bad apple to your students in the first place if you are allowed to???? You are a teacher c'mon. If you can't understand and accept your students who are so much younger than you for saying painful-to-the-ear language, it's about time you should think of leaving because simply as a teacher you can't handle at all.

  18. that will be horrible....but i kinda want to go with fairy's view a right minded parent will sit around as if nothing happened when their daughters were raped and abused like that...hor?!

  19. @Manglish.. morning bro. And thx for agreeing with my somewhat lack empathy's opinion. It's only logical, no? No parents in their right mind would allow such thing to happen...they would at least speak up and come forward. Obviously, the news is misleading and creating controversies. It's only expected of that Malaysian favourite mainstream newspaper. More to tabloid and Yellow journalism these days. Disappointing, and lack real, solid news. Hearsay, hearsay, that's all they do now.

  20. this topic came across when outing with my lecturer and seniors. dey talked bout this and its really freak me out. but then, according to my seniors, dey are not just did it once or twice but for almost 3 months dy, so we all wondering how come d girls didnt voice out anything only after she feel some pain at her vagina?

  21. wait.. am i in the same topic ?? lol cz same case d girl raped by a group of guy and found out 4cm pencil but it mentioned there dey have been "rapping" diz gal for almost 3 months dy.

  22. I believe parents should be responsible too. :(

  23. During my school days 20 years ago, there were less gangterisim and rape comparing to those who are rampant today.

    Parents and teachers must work together to eradicate this problem.

    What is happening to this generation of kids?

  24. sigh. scary nowadays. how lah!


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