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Time Tunnel In Cameron Highlands

Here are some pictures taken.... I did not know that there was a time tunnel in Camerons.. we had a wonderful time there, reminiscing and laughing at what we used to "use" and "play" when we were younger....

Yes, Time Tunnel, the name is really appropriate... it really bring us back to our younger days... "Our" means my friend and I... not including u all.. LOL... unless you are born during the 1960s?? LOL....

my mode of transportation during my primary days..
chauffeured by a trishaw...

paper dolls.. ninja turtles..

entrance leading to the 60s...

my type of school bag during my schooling days..

ancient toys.. lol..

the ink i used to use...

I would recommend this Time Tunnel if you have not been there... Maybe you might not like it but my friend and I certainly do... it is only a RM5 entrance fee.....

Time Tunnel Gallery is between Brinchang and Tanah Rata, 300 meters from KEA farm (Equatorial Hotel) and before reaching Tanah Rata.. the signboard Time Tunnel is there..


  1. Whereabout is the time tunnel? Didn't know they had one there.

  2. haha can i back to my baby time?? =p

  3. i remembered the cut out dolls and the quink ink. the rest are too old for me. *bluek* :P

  4. wow, looks like you step into a time machine... so nice/..and the title of the shop is so clever... will sure attract a lot of curious customers

  5. i just passed by, didn't get in..glad i could see fr yr post.

  6. where was it? idnt catch that the last time.

    aiyo..the 3rd photo. I had the exact doll. That was the time where cant afford Barbie doll. Had fun changing "baju" for the paper doll.

    the last two pic also brings back memories. I had a bottle of Quick ink. Then the cabinet. Exactly like the one that my mom used to have. I remember she put knife in the lower rung. I was naughty and cut my finger when i play with one :(

  7. okie! this place is in my list for visit when i'm in Cameron :p

  8. collection items from the 60's. that's memorable.

  9. Eh this is something new.. been to Cameron so many times didn't know there's a Time Tunnel... Which area is this??

  10. Aiyo...the toys!! I used to play that clothings thing (pic #3). so fun.

  11. inspiredmom: i also dint know till my canadian told me.. :p

    caroline: i think can la.. try and see...

    miche: wah... means i m older? definitely i m lar..hehehe...

    bluedreamer: u r wrong.. not many know about this place which was opened 4 yrs ago...

    wenn: i think u will love it.. just for the fun ..

    kathy: yes, initially i didnt have those type of dolls.. i drew them myself and colour it.. later on, only came on this.. so prestigious then... yes, we used those ink pen..hahaha.. that was why i saw them, i really felt so so amused!

    tz: yes, do go...

    isley: my era... hahahaa.. how aged i m now..

    sweetwitch: between brinchang and tanah rata..

  12. Aww....this tunnel can surely bring a lot of good memories right? :p

  13. wow this Time Tunnel is great. i remember those paper dolls (though I wasn't born in the 60's...hahahahahh). thanks for sharing, Claire. I will certainly make a trip there if I go to camerons again.

  14. How neat, Claire. I would love visiting a Time Tunnel.. I'd want to go back to the '50's ---and see all of the things I used to use!!!

    I do remember Paper Dolls... And I remember that Quink....


  15. Never heard of tis place be4...tq for the information.

  16. tekkaus: yes, things i hv used before.. they were all there. brought back old memories...

    barb: i guess last time we used to play paper dolls! haaha...

    betsy: u too? i used Hero brand of ink pen last time...

    mery: yeah, me also first time there...

  17. Hey! I remember those paper dolls also. Kids today...where got play things like that - all the expensive Barbie and Ken dolls! And the ink too! shirt pocket, habis the whole shirt. Sigh...those were the days!

  18. Love those paper dolls. Cheap and fun!

  19. hey. i used to play with that ink.

  20. Thanks for the details of Time Tunnel.The pictures provided by you enabled me to get a better understanding of your childhood days.Great to recollect our younger days.

  21. Thanks for the details of Time Tunnel.The pictures provided by you enabled me to get a better understanding of your childhood days.Great to recollect our younger days.

  22. Frankly, haven't been there for years! I remember the last time I went there, it wasn't as nice as before..I mean years back, during my teenage stage(more than 20 years back)! I used to stay at those chalet near Boh tea plantation and we will walk to Tanah Rata. Still young mah! I think now can not already! Probably will die half way! hahaha....

  23. seeing yr pics is like a walk through time so it is appropriately termed time tunnel

  24. Ei? I think you had a typo error. Should be in the 80's. 1960's? Sure or not? :)

  25. I missed this post.. I never seen this.. great.. love the paper doll.. ^_^

    (My sister said the same thing...hahahhaha)

  26. Cy: yes..those born in 1960s..will know what i mean.. no mistake..

    cathJ: i miss playing those too..

  27. oh my, Claire! You really bring those memories back to me. I had many types of paper dolls and I adores ninja turtles so much. During my primary years, I had those rattan bags, which the books got wet during rainy season. And I remembered that ink from Parker. My fountain pen never failed to leave a blue spot on my white uniforms.

  28. oh cool place. i see ninja turtles! teenage mutant ninja turtles! hehehe...

  29. I remembered the paper dolls and ninja turtles. Great post. I reminds me about my childhood time:-)


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