Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy & Cute Faces

The meal of many faces... during these two weeks, my sister ate and ate all the local food and will continue to have more till she goes back next week. Before she came, she has prepared herself. She allowed herself to lose some weight before she came back and now she has regained what she has lost. See how "conscious" we sisters are! She can afford to eat and still stay slim...

Anyway, I will not groan or moan.. I thank God for His provisions each day and bonding us together as a family....

the veterans having a good time too..

plus the young...

Happy Faces... Cute Faces...


  1. Who's that fat kid? So me! Hahahahahaha!!!

  2. omg!!! he's sooooo chubby!! n yes of course with his cute face!!

  3. stp: hehehe.. reminds u of your younger days? but eh.. u were very thin, right?

    caroline: chubby and cute!

  4. Wah, chubby kid. Good family get together!

  5. All happy because can makan! :p

    It's good to have such a reunion huh!

  6. Aiyo that kid in the end face so round and cute! :P

  7. pete: yeah a dinner gathering.. :)

    kiahooi: thanks for visiting..:)

    tekkaus: yes, makan can bring people together.. :p

    sweetwitch: want to cubit everytime i see him..

  8. hahaha fat round cute face boy!

  9. food makes you happy, doesn't it?

    you have yourself a happy goodie foodie again weekend

  10. lol at STP!

    yeah, happy, cute and chubby! You are surrounded by LOVE all over Claire :D

  11. I always get hungry whenever I visit your blog, lol. You always feature food, lots of it. You seem to be very fond of eating outside, lol. That's very good. There seems to be lots of places that serve delicious food in Malaysia. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  12. Mmmm.... that looks absolutely delicious!

  13. Thanks for the post and the pictures.One big happy family :).Glad to learn that you guys had a nice time.Great way to unwind is by having a big fat family meal.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

  14. It's always wonderful to see gatherings where everyone is happy. I tend to look around whenever I'm at restaurants. Seeing happy families laughing together is such a wonderful sight! ^_^

  15. chvoon: all of us have rounded face

    janis: thanks!

    eugene: getting together too!

    Merryn: yes, hope it will be forever..

    Mel: i didnt post up any food yet! hahhaa...

    kay: it is the gathering that counts..

    logodesign: yes, a family gathering...

    gratitude: food makes everyone happy, i guess.. :p

  16. so chubby looking boy...wanna pinch him kao kao


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