Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Blogger-ing

Today I had a great time with a few young mothers... wonder how many of you can recognize them from the picture here. I am sure you all know who they are. LOL...

We had a good time eating... yucking... too bad I stay in IPOH otherwise can have the chance to meet up with my KL bloggers more often. Only one disadvantage if meet too often... guess what it is... lol...

Holiday going to end soon... back to work on Monday... how nice if I could retire now and yet still being paid monthly!

at first sitting very decently.. shy shy...

then suddenly "mabuk"
everyone said cheeessseee...


  1. Mabuk nvm. Just dun Xrated can liao. LOL...

    It's Mommyling, Cynthia, and Smallkucing's Mamarazzi. LOL. Ada pressie for guessing correctly?

  2. Aiks....all faces so familiar geh..LOL!!!

  3. hahaha.. I tot I just see these faces earlier today? oh ya, the bad thing of meeting all this hantus, pontianak is that we are being 'fed' till bloated tummy! muahahah....

    cepat cepat retire, and move to KL la.. muahaha..

  4. HAHAHAHAH...mabuk is the best word... LOL

  5. You met them again recently or was that sometime ago? Want to retire kah? Aiyor...pension tak cukup makan lah! Still can work, just go on working!

  6. hahaha aunt claire, u still counted ok, me at sabah! more cham! LOL

  7. Wow..another meet up ar?

    You're in KL?

  8. eehh ? all vely stunning le... looks like a good cast for the movie - Desperate Housewives kekeke...
    anyway,Happy Father's Day to you all

  9. wah.. so nice to see all mommy bloggers =D lolz... So sweet =D

  10. lovely gathering! everyone looks great :)

  11. How wonderful to have such good friends!

  12. What a nice gathering. I'm sure you girls had a blast. I see all the great cooks here :)

  13. Not mabuk le, but rather, looking "high"! lolz

  14. So again...
    I also wish stay in KL,then can meet up with bloggeer friends more often.
    So far, I have met Ling & Cynthia & Merryn on my last visit to KL last Dec 2009.


Thank you, readers!

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