Saturday, June 19, 2010

Football Fever Versus Durian Fever!

We reached Sungai Buluh in the evening, after a sumptuous lunch in Rawang and a window shopping walk in IKEA. Had dinner in the house and then the next program after the meal was the durian fest in SS2. Yes!! To SS2 for our durian galore!

at the stall...
got website one, no joke!
the durians on display.. don't know which is which... until...

the fella opened...

and displayed...

XO durian...the more bitter-er the better...

the creamer... just suck out the flesh...

the sweeter...

and the "Enjoy-er"



  1. No kidding? Someday, I'll try it... again and see if it's better than my first experience.

  2. wah really nice oh .. fresh.. too bad dont have football to watch.. if not more ppl hanging there...It's sound digi advertisement on the durian stuff... =D

  3. Yeerrr.... Dislike durian =p
    Durian buffet? LoL

  4. Wow, mouthwatering good looking and fresh durians!! We don't have fresh ones in my city only frozen ones which of course is not close to fresh ones. I love durians. I always tell myself, whenever I visit Asian countries, it's one of my must eat fruits!!

  5. OMG!! so big!!. Can I have some please :D.

  6. Hi!wow,i've not eat a durian for years! I used to like them alot but dunno why as i grow older I just stop craving for them..but your photo looks so yummy and juicy!I think I will want one..hmmm

  7. cham!!! now u really make me craving for it !!! grrrr

  8. Yum...yum!!! Really looks nice! durian all the time, not "heaty" kah? Later...real "durian" fever!!! Must drink lots of water...and put water in the shell and drink from it and also to wash your fingers - no smell...

  9. wah~ better don't let my mommy see your blog otherwise she sure keep nagging at me why i not allow her makan.. lol..

  10. Durian durian huh! :p I would love to eat a few...

  11. chris: season is coming!! lol..

    kay: yes, maybe this time u like it!

    june: i think durian and football cannot blend.. lol..

    Peckwm: no, not buffet.. choose and eat..:p

    rosebelle: durians come seasonal.. hope u can have the chance to savor next time..

  12. sjb: i heard canada all frozen ones? from thailand...

    beii: now i realize that many do not like durians...

    caroline: u love them? as i grow older, im not that keen la.. but eat a bit okay.. :p

    stp: that was why i said fever.. heaty la.. pimples keep popping out of nowhere..

    aeiween: hey, dont deprive her from eating.. so cham..

    tekkaus: u now football fever, no need to eat durian la...

  13. wa...i know this place....yummy durians

    sei for la...I wanna eat DURIAN now

  14. looks watery inside,though the skin looks dry.have you try Sarawak's durian?

  15. kathy: wei.. SS very nice your place, right? just hop over.. so nice.. 9rm also got.. eat all u can..

    ah ango: yeah, can just suck out the flesh...

  16. i love durian but i think the season not full blast yet sebab mahal lagi - :) wait a few more weeks :)

  17. Jor..the orange meaty flesh..beh tahan seeing

  18. Oh my! You make me drooling over the durian, I am a durian lover too. I am willing to buy a durian for RM25, but not spending on a magazine for RM5.
    Regarding your question on the paid post $8, My answer is yes, I want to try.

  19. Aiyor... u made me wanna eat durians now. But hv to wait till in tip top health condition 1st. :p


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