Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pan Heong In Batu Caves

The following day my SIL took us to this Pan Heong restaurant, for our "brunch." By the time we reached there, it was almost 11am and just nice. My SIL told us that the best time to go is around this time because by lunch time, it will be crowded and getting a table will be very difficult. Tables were nearly full when we reached there but in less than 20 minutes, our food were served and ready to be "walloped."

corner shop Pan Heong
their signature dishes...
starting with wanton hor
(koay teow gravy) with big shrimps...

steamed fish (tongshan fish)

fried meehoon with kau yuk

fried fresh fish paste (fuchuk yue)

claypot porridge with fish, salted & century eggs

steamed "........." guess what....

a nearer version of the steamed "............"

wonder how many calories and cholesterol in this shrimp...
WTH, wallop first... think about that later!


  1. Nice food...Wat is " That Steamed Food"? Oyster?

  2. mery: u cannot guess? :)

    kathy: croaaakkking.. ahhh...

  3. tu steam 'lompat lompat' one la.. I like that you know.. I always eat the 'kung po' style.. NICE!

  4. steam frog rite?? i love it...
    i've been there few years back.. i miss the porridge the most....

  5. These look tasty!
    Great pictures too!

  6. What was that? Is it steamed...frog? :p

  7. What was that? Is it steamed...frog? :p

  8. Eyew...dunno what that is but never mind! I'll stick to the first dish! Looks really really nice...yum!!!

  9. Thank God I'm not a fan of all these stuff, I would have drooled if I am!

  10. cynthia: wanted to buy and boil porridge for my girl.. good for skin problem ..

    shuying: yeah, love the porridge too..

    cheryl: something new to me..

    betty: yes, they are tasty..

    tekkaus: bingo.. hahahaa...

    stp: my son knows the directions already, next time we can go by ourselves.. :p

    cleff: haiyah u ah? not food fan one..

  11. You are always eating, lol. This blog is turning out to be a gastronomical blog. But I love it. Your post always leaves me drooling in my mouth, hehehe, lol. The foods look all so heavenly. Thanks for the yummy post. God bless you all always.

  12. Yea... not really food fan. I can only eat abit at one sitting... but of course, i eat frequently.

    Feed me buku, can? I can eat a lot of buku in just one sitting! LOL...

  13. Mel, sorry about that..cos i traveled last week, so naturally i post up food pics..

    cleff: yeah cacingbuku.. i was one those days.. now computerland took over.. :)

  14. steamed tin kai, FROGS ! LOL ! those mini tin kai drummets are delish !
    also, the mihun w braised pork is actually canned braised pork. Very easy for you to replicate at home. darn sinful but delish.
    Oh ya.. I gave Amber tin kai porridge many times... helps a bit in bringing down the eczema.. but it only alleviates, not cure.

  15. elaine, so it is tin can one? then i must try .. hahahaa.. anyway,i didnt eat a lot cos of the koay teow .. yes, hard to find tin kai but nice to eat.. :0

  16. drooling drooling droolingggggggggggggggggggggg.........T_T

  17. the prawn really big leh hor...and the tongshan oso...very dai leh

  18. Bull frogs?
    This mecca of good food ... I vowed to go there someday, but that time around Batu Caves I lost sight of this pulak.

  19. manglish: got napkin or not? :p

    james: sorry, didnt manage to get the card for u.. lol..

    sjb: yeah,great!

  20. Oh first time seeing fried meehoon with kau yuk..must be damn nice.

  21. rachel: me too.. boil with porridge is nice...

    ling: so so la.. i prefer the koay teow.. :p

  22. The wanton hor really makes me drool.... the spread of dish really looks delicious! Those are 'froggie' right?!:)

    Have a splendid day Claire!

  23. Oohh yummy porridge! I just made porridge yesterday - sau yuk, fish and pei tan! Very nice! :)

  24. alice: yes, i love that koay teow too.. yes.. that is the croaks..

    sweetwitch: so u can skip the porridge when u go next time.. :0

  25. pan heong was a place that i went quite frequently...their kau yuk bihun was the best of the best and you should order mamak fried mee next time...

  26. You know sister, i have been following your blog for like 2 years now, and i can only say one thing,,,, foods make you happy lah? right?

    walloping most of the times, and that's makes your blog more interesting, sometimes got this, sometimes got that,,, jalan jalan ada, makan makan pun ada,, ranting, complain pun ada,, bang bang here, whack whack there pun ada, mmmmmmmmmm dont wonder you are famous blogger lah...

    take care now and have a great week ahead, god bless

  27. yummy food! looks like frog legs!

  28. kumfye: yes, i taken that too before.. like mamak style.. yes.. my son loves that too..

    eugene: so sum up to one word ... ROJAK blog.. also connected to food.. lol...

    kristie: poor frogs..

  29. the shrimp looks good... so is the "......." my fave!

  30. AArgh!! My favourite dish. "Tin Kai" Frog. Thai's just cant kae it as delicious as in Msia.

  31. wahh~~ i love frog~ taste like chicken~

    one day when all chicken die and extinct. i will look for frog~

  32. boeyjoey: have u ever been to this place?

    cy: i think Malaysia still serves the best asian food, eh.. :p

    isley: frogs are expensive nowadays..

  33. the (koay teow gravy) with big shrimps...struck my eyes liow ... like u say...wallop first and think later...kekeke...

    thanks for ur wishes.

  34. Wow, delicious food! Glad that u followed my Australia trip! Thx!


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