Monday, July 12, 2010

Kuala Sepetang To Look See, Look See...

After lunch in Taiping town, we adjourned to Kuala Sepetang, a small village town which is around 18 km away. It was a sunny day and we had a nice slow drive towards the fishing town. For us who always stay in the city all the time, we look forward to visiting a smaller town that reminds us of our childhood days ... the days when development has not taken place yet...

love the scenery here too...
the two rows of mangrove trees...

entering Kuala Sepetang town...

we saw this crowd... bustling with activity...

oh..the famous "pau-s"... all sold out..
must order in advance, so it seems...

wow..really big crowd encircling the stalls..

the locals selling their goods.. prawn crackers...
I bought a few packets.. they were good..

we hang-ed around.. looking for some light snacks..

finally we got a place and ordered these...

but ended up taking laksa...
hhhmm...not bad...

and their curry with prawns and beancurd...

some fried stuff... didn't take that though..

next stop - Charcoal Factory...


  1. Missing all these foods.Drooling over ur pics esp. the mee.Wish we could go ack and stay in Malaysia in the future.

  2. amina: do come by one day to eat all these food..

    kathy: yes.. de-stress ma..

  3. Looks like you had a really nice trip. I don't know if I've ever seen a mangrove tree. I enjoy seeing these stalls that are so different from our country.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely short trip. And some good food.

  5. ohhh i love the last pic...heh piah rite? hahaahha

  6. You have the best adventures!

  7. ginny: yes, our small town stalls.. it is good to visit the smaller towns, memories from the past..

    patty: yeah, just a light meal..

    manglish: yes, it is the shrimp one.. but i didnt buy..

    cheryl: hahha..just sightseeing..

  8. Good morning. I want to have laksa for breakfast too. :D

  9. hi! was here from BC blogger's list. I can see the badge but I can't see the links of the blogs who participated in BC blogger.

  10. Ha,, you and your jalan jalan cari makan again.... Life is sure a breeze for you,, this is what i call a lady of substance...........

  11. wow, the laksa and curry certainly taste yummy!

  12. tekkaus: laksa for breakfast? cannot lar..

    kerslyn: i have to ask for the blogger list once more.. may i have it?

    eugene: to de-stress..

    wenn: okay la.. i think their laksa noodles is homemade one..

  13. Hah! This looks like one of those small rural towns here in Sarawak... All the same, it seems...

  14. Venturing out of town once in a while is not a bad idea.Thanks for the details of your trip.Pictures were nice too.

  15. stp: yes, smaller towns are a bit different from bigger cities..

    fishingguy: a nice breakaway...

    website design: thanks!

  16. I want pau!! I want pau!! Sob sob...abis

  17. OMGawd so nice. I really hope all these small towns would remain the same for many years to come.

  18. ling: u love pau pau one?

    gratitude: yes, i also hope they will be too..

  19. i hear people says Taiping is a good place to settle down after retirement?(i meant people from KL)
    what is the majorities speaking dialet in Kuala Sepetang?

  20. Claire, you were in Kuala Sepatang, it is near to Taiping. If you is in Taiping, shall we meet?

  21. ah ngao: hokkien and cantonese pun boleh one.. :)

    sheohyan: u r from taiping? great.. next time i go, i call u.. :)


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