Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Vouchers Giveaway..

Like Ling in de house, I am kiasu too.... when I read her post on free vouchers giveaway from blindperfect blog, I also want to join in the fun. This seems to be the season of tags and contests. No questions to answer here, just write a short post about this generous giveaway of RM50 of Popular vouchers, link to the generous Madam and you will be eligible to have a chance to win..

Well, if I win, the cash vouchers will definitely be for Fernie.. she will surely use them to buy reference books for her coming SPM... :p

Contest is closing tomorrow.. so better be quick, fast... siapa cepat, siapa dapat? lol...


  1. hope u r cepat enuf to dapat :D

  2. Drop by just to say hi!
    Great to know you've joined my giveaway :)

    Great blog you have here and I am glad to know a new blogger friend :)

    I am following you ok


  3. Thanks for this exciting news.Do keep me posted on this.Love to hear more from you.

  4. i wish Fernie can buy some reference books soon :)


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