Friday, July 9, 2010

My First Time With Stone

I received a sms last evening from my chief chef, Elin, asking me whether I was free to drop by her house or not.. Without a moment of hesitation, I replied that rain or shine, I would be there by 7.45pm…

Hehehe… ok, ok, I exaggerated a bit here..

Elin just wants to know what time I would be arriving at her house so that she can get the “goodies” ready for me…. Actually not for me, she said her goodies is for my kids… I am excluded because I am already “fat fat.” Yes, I am gonna blame her for being the “feeder” and I the “eater.” LoL…Together with Tammy and Aaron, we arrived at her doorstep before 8pm and what was in store for us were as below…. See, only ah.. no drooling please.. LOL..

lots of fresh strawberries , blueberries and mango :)))

My first time with Stone Fruit Tea Cake :p


  1. Oh...yummy. i just had one loaf of fruit cake last week. SO seeing this, at least can hold my drool..hehehhe

  2. ling: hehee...hold it for a few days till the smell goes off.. :)

    barb: this one not so fattening! hehee..

  3. I wanttttttttttttttttt~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. even though I am not a fabn of fruits cake, but this one rocks my heart

  5. manglish: very expensive to send over lar..

    caroline: courier service to where? :)

    simplegirl: this one not really fruit cake.. this is different.. fruits also different.. :)

  6. Yum, did you save any for the kids? It's mostly fruit, so it is not fattening, it's healthful and slimming!

  7. this looks so yumss.. i saw a few other blogger mummies baking this too..
    eh.. why they call it stone ?

  8. Again lucky you, Claire! haha... I prefer to feed others than myself. LOL! hehe.... Hope you're having a wonderful day, darling!
    Cheers, Kristy

  9. Feel wanna snatch the cake away coz I love lotsa berries in a cake! Look like u & Kathy always got goodies & gifts kind of thing huh... lucky u ladies :-)

  10. It looks superb!! The colour of the berries and mango combined is enough to make me melt!!

  11. Why stone? Baked on stone? Hard like stone? Eeeee...i have the same pie dish, I think - got apple pie recipe on it. Same or not?

  12. Woo, nice with a cup of hot coffee!

  13. ginny: i love your comment..ok, i will finish all of it this evening. :)

    elaine: dont ask me.. i also dont know why it is called stone fruit tea cake..

    kristy: so who do u feed with your yummy food u baked?

    dora: we are blessed with good friends.. :p

    agnes: wanna order? hehehe.. ask her to do one for u..

    kristie: yes, it tastes great too!

    stp: dont ask me, fren.. ask elin! :p

    pete: we had that after dinner last night.. phew..

    annieq: wanna try? :)

    goingkookies: yes, it is!!

  14. Yummy............It makes me feel hungry now.

  15. wow...the cake looks so yummy!!!!!

  16. Is it really hard like stone? LOL

  17. mery: me too...hahhaa...

    vivian: yes, super!

    jfook: this is the mystery.. :) wonder why it is named that..

  18. Omegosh looks so yummy. Must be expensive too, since fresh berries are so expensive to purchase.

  19. gratitude.. yes, quality fruits.. hahaa..

  20. waa liew...! you're so so lucky

  21. Looks yummy! Now I know what cake to ask someone to bake for me.LMAO...

    Aiya... not fat fat... but fatt fatt.. more luck la!

  22. Hi Claire....delicious, but it's called scone, not stone. Scone is a small, usually round, cake like bread made from flour, milk and a little fat.


  23. ah ngao: yes, i m blessed to try the good food..

    cleff: know how to fatt ah..

    fishingguy: yes, it is good!

    kev: no, this is called stone fruit cake cos the fruits on top all have small stones (seeds).. scone os different.. :p

    kathy: stone cakes means small seeds fruits..


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