Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Fruit Passion

After our jogging and walking session in Polo Ground, my son drove us to his favorite stalls for dinner including desserts. These stalls have been existing since my childhood days but during that time, they were scattered all over. These stalls are considered "authentic" ... sooner or later, the old will be gone and new ones will take over...
Only hawker stalls left in Ipoh town

in front of Sam Tet Primary School
Jalan Sultan Idris Shah (Brewster Road)
this was the stall we ordered our desserts

my gingko barley drink....

my son's favorite mixed fruit passion...

Cost RM4.00 only!!
Its so hot tonight.. feel like drinking one now...


  1. One of the stalls serves my favourite 'hor hee'... Bringing back lots of childhood memories...

  2. Those desserts look truly refreshing! Simple food stalls but looks delicious food are served.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. LOL... I can make these! LOLOL!

  4. ahhh, felt like having some of it now too.. ahaha.. yeah hot weather makes us crave for something really cold

  5. Ohhhh those look SO delicious! Can you email me one? :o)

  6. I've never seen anything like the food in your last picture. Beautiful and strange. It almost looks like eggs on the bottom.

  7. the barley one look very cooling ehh...

  8. Clair: The deserts looks great, we are also hot here.

  9. Sounds as if you all had a nice time together doing something fun!

  10. Wow..they served big portion especially the mango slices.

  11. Wah the mixed fruit looks really GOOD! So cheap somemore!

  12. oh my,, now I know I missed much in Ipoh ! RM4 is darn cheap !

  13. oh my,, now I know I missed much in Ipoh ! RM4 is darn cheap !

  14. You must complete the photos with the location map ma, mana tahu syiok syiok i can drive down and check the stalls out,,,,

    hey you have a great weekend ahead and thank you

  15. mingna: yes, horhee fellas are still there..

    benggee: yes.. they started it first.. :)

    cleff: sure or not... :p

    daniel: opposite sam tet school in town..

    kyril: yes, fantastic!

  16. charlene: last night was very hot! yeah..craving la..

    krista: u come to ipoh.. :P

    ginny: the white ones are honey lemon fruits.. assorted..

    sjb: when are u coming back again?

    manglish: it is my favorite cooling drink..

  17. fishingguy: yes, it is summer all over.. except for aust and NZ.. and a few.. hahahaa..

    cheryl: yes, good to be together!

    mommyling: that is why sometimes we shared one bowl..

    sweetwitch: hawker stalls ma.. cheaper.. hahahaa...

    elaine: dont just drink coffee.. next time taste these.. :0

    eugene: haiyah.. u talk only la.. mana u mau datang ipoh one.. :p

  18. many "frog eggs" in the bowl of fruits :p

  19. kathy.. sure u wearing specs? :)


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