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The Giant Enormous Paper Tosai

It has been quite some time since we have indian food... since I started my oats breakfast (ahem) I seldom go out. But I can't be drinking oats each day so when my friends "ajak-ed" (called) me to go out for something different, I wouldn't want to resist.

This time we went to Kalai's cafe in old town... I ordered a mango lassy (mango yogurt) but the waiter, being a foreigner, gave me a milk yogurt instead... alamak! I am allergic to milk one but I forced myself to drink it... don't taste it, just gulp it down.. after all it is good for cleansing up our intestines/colon, right? :)

As usual I have my capati... but my friend has this ENORMOUS paper tosai.... lol...

we were amused by the huge and long tosai..
lol... then she started to eat.. and eat.. and eat..

after some minutes, she gave up....
burpppp... full liow...
eventually 2 of us helped her to finish it...
(next time no more ordering this giant tosai!)


  1. That is one huge tosai. Almost her size! haha

  2. This is the first time i saw such a big Tosai. But I think I can finish that. Hehehe...

  3. Wah! Really gigantic.. Never saw such a big and long tosai before.. One person cannot finish for sure no matter how paper thin it is..

  4. kathy: shared with 3 ppl then ok...

    willie: yes, i believe u!

    inspiredmum: ladies cannot i think.. men can.. haha...

    chris: yes, 3 feet.. :p

  5. Oh my goodness! That is sooooo BIG!! How's the taste by the way?

    I like weird shaped/sized food. There's one place in KK, I've never been there though, my friend went there and took a pic with a burger soo big. Twice her head!

  6. eh, if u allergic to milk, no matter how fast u gulp it down oso you'll get some kind of reaction... no?

    my gawd.. dat is BIG! i belum try before leh..

  7. angel: that is a giant.. hahaha...yes, some make funny shapes to attract..

    merryn: not that kind of allergic.. geli is the word.. in, squirming when i drink it..

  8. Kalai's should have a tosai eating competition !

  9. Wah so big wor! How much is that , ahaha!

  10. Gosh, I've never seen anything like this! What is a tosai? What was inside? We have wraps here, but they are small.

  11. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa so HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how much? very dai leh hahahaa

  12. What is a tosai? Looks very, very intriguing to me!

  13. if tapau how ah?
    become must pay more since need to use two big pieces of paper to wrap that!! and then bringing it away is hilarious too. imagine bringing to your colleague and plonking it on her desk and say "THIS IS YOUR LUNCH!" hehehe
    ie. if it doesn't get dented during transportation.

  14. How much was that thosai? So long~

  15. elaine: what a good idea.. see how make the longest too!! hahaa...

    moon: cheap..around RM2 or 3.. :p

    ginny: yes, something like wraps but indian style, they hv their own mixture and eaten with curry and some gravy...

    manglish: very cheap nia.. less than 3rm..

    cheryl: it is an indian healthy food.. eaten with curry and gravy..

    tuti: *colleague pengsan* hahaha.. all she sees will be some crumpled dough..

    cleff: less than rm3.. i think 2rm.. hahaha..

  16. oh my goodness...that's the biggest tosai i've seen.

  17. oh, i've eaten one of these before... huge, have to share with my friends =P

    you're on oats breakfast? so healthy.... i still got a big jar at home, never eat liao after giving birth, beh-tahan (can't stand it) =P

  18. barb: next time come back to Ipoh.. i show u where to get.. lol...

    yanz: no choice nowadays.. want to output easily.. :P

  19. OMG!! Really a GIANT! haha...

    I've tried tosai before. So sour. Prefer roti canai.

  20. i had roti tisu before n it was already considered, that kertas tosai was even bigger!

  21. that's really huge, man... never seen one so big before. in the second picture, she "pin jui" already... hahaha!

  22. Dropping here...nice entry friend, visit mine..latest entry for today ;D

  23. waaaaaaaaaaa....that's a big one!!!

  24. WOWWWW!!! So big!!!!

    Yes, this one need to share, if no sure cannot finish. If can finish also will get phobia!. hahahha

  25. fuyooo!! O.0 Thats HUGE!!Share with me please!! XD

  26. nmhl: this one not so sour...but then too big la.. one family can share la..hahaa..

    wenn: yes, that is paper.. thinner, this one is tisu.. one of a kind..

    boeyjoey: she gave up! :

    suhaisweet: ok, will do...

    angelbear: giant lar!! hahaa..

    annie: i think 4 of u only can finish up... muak!

    caroline: i see also scared liow..

  27. Imagine if everyone on the same table ordered the same; sei lor, how to fit?! hehe

  28. is this ur fren who was pregnant last time? big big baby onear

  29. gratitude: if ordered the same, the shop sure will close one day.. cos one piece can be taken by 3 or 4 ppl... hahha..

    rachel: u have a good memory!!

  30. Omigawd! How to finish! Enough for 2-3 people!

  31. Oh my....the largest tosai I have seen! Must submit to Guiness Book of Records...haha. I can see from your friend's face that she is so full already...haha

  32. Oh my....the largest tosai I have seen! Must submit to Guiness Book of Records...haha. I can see from your friend's face that she is so full already...haha. Good that you all helped her to eat...that's what friends are for, right? :D

  33. big leh...
    1st tome i saw this big tosai.....
    I don't think I can finish it up...might need a helper to eat more and more for me.

  34. stp: if u also exclaim, imagine how my fren can finish... hahaha...

    marymoh: yes! everyone will be in awe.. hahaha...

    mery: big tosai, small price! :)

  35. Wah. should enter the Record Book of Malaysia liaw!

  36. He he your friend must have love tosai much. I am not in favour of it but hubby is. But that's a huge tosai! Wonder how much it costs :)

  37. rose: hahaa.. u r the 2nd person to say that..

    puanisah: i think she wont go for months now.. :p

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    Is this possible?

  39. OMG, I never seen such a giant tosai. Geng!


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