Thursday, July 29, 2010

Student Raped By Bus Driver

So aghasted!

On the way to lunch, Elin was telling me about the school bus driver raping a 10 year old school girl in front of the terrified schoolkids inside the bus... I thought I heard wrongly, I asked Elin few times... "the driver raped the poor girl in the school bus with all the kids inside?" Unbelievable!! Who is this sex maniac? Why did he do that? Why the 10 year old girl? Why in front of kids? Why?? It is just too sad for words....

It was in The Star news today... was the news accurate? If it is, he ought to be bashed up, (he was indeed bashed up by the public before handed over to the police) and not only that, his organ should be displayed like what was in Cleff's post here! Serious!

What horror...... what is happening to our society?


  1. I would actually agree if castration bill is approved in Malaysian court people who are convicted for raping.

  2. Hi Reanaclaire! Sadly, we had same incident here. School service driver raped a high school girl in her house after learning that the girls house is empty of people. It happened right in our own subdivision. I saw that picture of odd hotdog. Ha ha.. I wish they could do that to him/them!

  3. And the kids thought they are safe with the bus uncle..... like any other kid who took a bus.

  4. Claire, I have to agree with you! That bustard really need a nasty punishment. Anyway, he'll be in BIG trouble after placing into the jail later. His new room mates going to treat him real good! Two weeks ago, there's also a rape case over here in my town. 4 Indians rape a 16 year old chinese girl. Poor girl! Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Regards, Kristy

  5. Lost for words... This is sick!

  6. The whole thing is just too horrible

  7. I just read the news in Chinapress before I clicked your blog. Too many sickening people around the world now. If I ever go to court and meet these rapists, I will also "hantam" them with all the strength in me. Very Kek Sam.

    Stone the scoundrel to death!

  9. cleff: aye aye to that!

    benggee: why so sad one... why they all got no control over themselves?

    chrisau: guess bus drivers now no more apek type?

    kristy: so sad.. dont know why ppl want to be so unkind to one another.. sigh..

    angel: i was like "huh" when i heard that..

  10. ginny: can we forgive such acts? let our Lord decides..

    kathy: chamest...

    yan: wow. u r courageous.. i hope it will be sentenced soon..

    mingna: another method is better..
    cleff's post..

    manglish: before hanging, do something first..

    lily: yes..what the....

    fishingguy: cos he is sick, i guess!

  11. The article caught my attention too and I was speechless there for a while. I wish I was there so I can BASH him up personally. It is getting so scary out there that I am really worried for my daughter. Sigh...

  12. The article caught my attention too and I was speechless there for a while. I wish I was there so I can BASH him up personally. It is getting so scary out there that I am really worried for my daughter. Sigh...

  13. You know i love to share this with you,,, a breadfast buddy of mine who happens to be a school bus driver told me cheekily that he soon will be out of job because when parents began to demand that school bus drivers must be female ,,kkekekek.

    anyway,sometimes i wonder what make this sick men wanna rape the little ones?

    Looks like parents now cant really even little things for granted,

    Go and get the rapist, parade them in public, take off their penis and chop them off in the public and see if there could be another man trying to rape..................

  14. i feel so disgusted i wish God will punished this man the way he should deserve!! what if someone else raped his daughter, how would he feel???? he is a maniac, a crazy baboon and mentally ill!

  15. kiasu: that is why parents prefer to car pool than taking other transport.. but most school bus drivers are ok one.. dont know why this one exceptional case..

    eugene: or fry them like in cleff post.. yucks!

    irene: wonder he has kids or not.. why did he do it..

  16. This monster should be locked up forever. I can't imagine what is happening to our society these days. The crime rate is getting worse. I would wallop him too if I see him!

  17. So horrible...that bus driver has to put in jail for his wholelife.

  18. Yes, I read that inthe papers. That's why I'm always worried when my daughter's out there on her Sg Petani or even in NZ. How I wish I could be there with her all the time... SIGHHHH!!!!

  19. more and more people like this...i hope heavier sentence given up to jail, castration or even hang to death...they had took someone's life, they shud pay with their lives too. =/

  20. pete: today paper stated he has raped few more kids..

    bananaz: agreed!

    mery: sigh.. why did he do it..

    stp: yes, naturally we worry for our kids, boys or girls alike.. we never stop worrying about them..

  21. Too many sick people nowadays!!
    And I think just jail him is not enough! >=(

  22. As though raping the poor little girl wasn't traumatizing enough.. he had to do this right in front of other school kids!!!

    What a sickening society we live in!

  23. i read the news yesterday, it's in the news again today, seems he raped other girls before and one of them is his adopted daughter... what kind of monster is he?!!?

    what drive him to the point that he rape a 10yr old and some more in front of everyone?

    and the adopted daughter... is horrible, we should be caring & loving those who are unloved and without care, not further abusing them!

    sigh... terrible la... how my daughter next time, no more riding in school bus experience... i used to like riding in school bus one...

  24. hayley: let the law sentence him.. :(

    inspiredmum: he might be thinking he was heroic.. sigh..

    yanz: yes, those days, no such things happening.. nowadays, anything can happen..

  25. Yeah it's sickening - as if though crimes against adults are not enough...You can see the pic of the beast on the front page Star today

  26. Angel Bear : not a good idea to hang the rapist,instead potong the lanchiao better,and the balls also becoz alang-alang he becomes a pondan lah.that'd teach these types a good lesson.

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