Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jaring Better Than Nothing

Streamyx is still DOWN in my house, no Internet yet.... Come Monday tomorrow, it will be seven days without wireless connection. so... What am I surviving on?

With Andy around the house, nothing to fear, he sure will have ideas and so he did... Jaring! But with a disadvantage...This Jaring he subscribed since last week was good, great...okay but only with one setback. That is... whenever it rains, there will be no connection... sigh...

Yes, it rained around noon, not heavy but still slightest rain will affect the connection.
For nearly five hours, we did what we do not always do... that is I read my book in bed while my kids watched TV shows for hours....

Well, Jaring is better than nothing... I don't want to complain.. For RM20 for one month connection, what should we expect..... :)


  1. kathy: always disconnected but also better than nothing.. aahhah

  2. One word: suck. ha :D That would describe almost all broadband in Malaysia. :)

  3. Bbetter than nothing lah, Claire... okay la... thank God for small mercies!


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