Sunday, July 25, 2010

Save Money For Traveling

Last night I went clubbing with a few of my old friends and we had a conversation on traveling by cruise. I have not gone for a cruise before, I am still quite skeptical about taking a cruise because of my fear for water. Not only that, the movie "Titanic" is always on my mind and my friends laughed at me when I told them that. Kind of paranoid, right?
But I love to flip through magazines what brought Celebrity Cruises to light. How wonderful and fabulous they are. Not only in magazines, their website is amazes me as well. Just look at cruises, they have some choices for us to choose from. At affordable prices as well too. We can either choose a two day cruise or to a sixteen day cruises as well, stopping at a new port every morning to enable us for beautiful sightseeing and of course, shopping as well.
As for me, I do not have cruises in mind yet, what I have hope to visit is New York or any parts of United States. Meanwhile I got to save up some cash first before I can even think of the cruises from New York. LOL...

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