Friday, July 23, 2010

My Best Chicken Rice Shop In Ipoh

After the near experience of eating "par wong charn" (free meal) in my previous post, I hereby display some of the pictures showing the soft succulent chicken meat ... of all the chicken rice shop in Ipoh, I find that this is one of the best I have ever eaten.

But forgive me, I did not see the name of the shop, all I know is the shop is along Ali Pitchay Street, same row with the Keris Travels and former Lee How Fook restaurant. If anyone really insists on knowing the name, please let me know and I will drive all the way there on Monday to get the name for you .... meanwhile, just have a look at these.....

averagely one plate cost RM4.00
with one side order...
reasonably cheap unless you ask for chicken drumstick
(which Elin did!) :p


  1. In Malacca the best is in Wilchick. :D

  2. My saliva is dripping...when I'm back in Ipoh, I usually go to the famous chicken rice store in town which it's popular and always packed.

    I don't know the name of the shop though, I loved the ngai choi kai there.

  3. The look of it makes me hungry now. I am sure that the chicken is tender.

  4. chris: yes..nice...

    tekkaus: oh where is that place? end of the year, i ask u again...

    jessie: i think u must have meant Pak Kong.. in town.. not bad too..

    william: yes, the chicken was tender...

  5. yummy but I still prefer roasted chicken rice.

  6. Do you remember that I said I wished I could have seen a picture of that chicken and rice? And now here it is, maybe just for me?? Thanks!! It just looks so yummy!! Next to actually eating, looking at food is the next best thing!

  7. chicken rice!!! lol! but here can get at rm3.50 even with drumstick! heeee

  8. The chicken rice looked so yummy and tempting.

  9. Looks yummy.. Must try it someday when I'm in Ipoh.
    Ya please, if you know the shop name, dont forget to share here! :P

  10. wenn: normally i prefer roasted too ... depending on the shop.. if i see the white chic dry already, i opt for roasted...'

    cath: KL a lot of choices too, right?

    ginny: u can see more in :)

    polkaudio: good to see u here..

    carol: so cheap? wah.. then can order that more often...

    yan: yes, this shop is not bad.. sometimes we order mixed...

    hayley: yes, i surely will... sorry for not taking it down.. haiyah..

  11. Chicken favo food.

  12. You know Claire,what you prefer,roasted or Par Chang... for me it must be Park Chang..

    have a great weekend now and god bless

  13. i spied Asam Chai!....yum yum....that one comes separately or what?

  14. mery: once awhile i love... not too often..

    eugene: me depends.. if the shop sells fresh chicken, i will order the steamed one...

    kathy: yes but not so assam that one.. not enough sour for me..

  15. As long as no tauge, I can eat. :D

  16. u so bad lah...make me miss ipoh chicken rice so much

  17. Your picture made me hungry.Yeah the chicken definitely looks soft from this post.No need to drive all the way on Monday,unless of course someone insists you.If you do get the name, don't forget it to post it.


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