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Nearly One Free Lunch

When 3 ladies get together, sit down, eat and talk.. what would be the consequences?

This afternoon, I took two charming ladies to the best chicken rice stall in Ali Pitchay Street. They haven't been there before, I told them to hurry cos normally during lunch hour, the shop will be very crowded. True enough, it certainly was but we managed to get a table right at the end corner.

We talked, talked... food came... we walloped.. conversation resumed when suddenly I remember I need to go to the bank. Quickly we stood up and walked out of the shop...

Upon reaching the bank, Elin took out her purse and asked, "eh.. how much was the meal? who paid just now?" We started to look at one another... nope, I didn't pay.. did u? NO?

Gosh!! None of us remembered to pay the bill.... we just walked out of the shop!

Conclusion: We drove back to the shop and Elin went in to pay. The man recognised her straightaway and he was laughing.. Elin asked him why didn't he call after us... he said he wanted to but by the time he came out of the shop, we were nowhere to be seen!

(cis, as if we walked so fast meh.... maybe he purposely want to give us free lunch?? LOL...)


  1. ahem ahem...maybe the man trying to tackle you kot....give you free lunch hope you will go back more..then can see u more lor :p

  2. hahaha... i think the cost is not much.

    he should do some charity right after earn a lot.

  3. Hahaha.... My parents had had the same experienced before but they didn't go back to the shop on the very same day cause they only discovered it after they had reached home. However, they called up the restaurant and informed them about their mistakes... Btw, the restaurant is in Ayer Kala (between Lenggong and Gerik).

  4. Oh this is very funny!!! It is nice to see people with integrity who are so very honest like you are, and you went back to pay. When things like this happen to us, we call them "senior moments", although you are still too young to use that as an excuse! I would have liked to see a picture of the chicken and rice, yum!! Before you try washing the grapes again, read my comment on that below.

  5. waaaaaaaaaaa luckily tak kena wallop kao kao hahahahahhahahahaaaaaa

  6. I second smallkucing. LOL... mebbe tries to woo you.

  7. Hahahahaha!!! Happened to me once and did not remember at all until I went back to the shop another time and the kopitiam boss reminded me. Blush! Blush! Now I always pay when that I will never forget again.

    P.S. Huh? Somebody trying to woo Claire. Gee! Must save money now...go all the way to attend banquet. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. kathy: are u trying to make everyone laugh here?? paiseh, paiseh...

    chvoon: i added up, it cost around 15rm only nia... cheap lunch...

    ginny: age is just a number but the mind, sigh.. it is lacking some vitamins.. yes, i read yr comment, thanks for the advice on the grapes...

    manglish: kao or not, also have to pay la!! hahahaa....

    cleff: u also another one.. on 2nd tots, maybe we go once again to try... see whether got free or not.. eh.. hehehe...

    stp: aiyoh.. u lagi blur.. till the boss asked u back.. hahahaha... u r very distinguished, that is why he remembers u..or is it a she? yes, i prefer to pay first then eat.. many shops do this nowadays..

  9. And poor me ....have to do the most embarassing thing for us...hmmpf no next time please !

  10. mwahaha!! this is the benefits to become ladies! XD

  11. Ok,,, it is not free lunch after all and the integrity of three charming ladies still intact,

    have a great weekend sis

  12. caroline: forgetfulness is part of ladies' character.. hahaha...

    eugene: what a lovely compliment.. thanks!

  13. haha, that happened to me before too..

  14. Very noble of all of u to go back to the shop to pay.
    I am sure alot of people won't do that...
    The man should give u gals a complimentary lunch next time for ur honesty...

  15. wenn: maybe me too but didnt realize it too like stp...

    leona: no, price is already written down.. no discount.. but he was laughing.. he must be thinking why we drove back and paid him..

  16. Clair: It was an admirable act to return and pay.

  17. Next time if you go back to the shop, the boss sure will remind you escape..haha..just kidding. I admire you 3 lovely ladies' honesty. *clap clap*

  18. You girls are awesome! Take a real responsible heart to went back there and pay. Honesty is priceless.

  19. hahaha, my husband & i did that before... ate and then walked off without paying cos we were so engrossed in our conversation.

    Best part is, we didn't even realise it until a week later, as we were having lunch somewhere else then he asked me "eh? that day, did i pay for the dinner ah?" lol XD

    good thing the shop owners kinda know us la, cos we always go there, so when we went back there to makan, then paid them lo... and the lady laughed at us =D

  20. Hahaha..yeah it happens.Can relate to it.It has happened with me too but either the shopkeeper reminded or like you all,i remembered in time..the fact that i forgot to pay.Good one.

  21. vanillaseven: better than be "scolded" by people from behind.. hahaa..

    yanz: wah..u and hubby so engrossed in conversation one? so nice.. i tot ladies only get engrossed.. :p

    webdevelopment: i guess this is pretty common, right?

  22. wah...really kind of return to pay for the bill....maybe i will do dat...after all, they are doing business for living too...

  23. hahhahahhaha..this is funny, but at least you all go back and paid the bill. :) The boss sure will remember you three charming ladies, next time got "discount" or maybe free?

  24. via: yes, anyway, just to clear our conscience..otherwise we cannot taste the chicken rice anymore..

    annie: hahaha..dont ever think of freee..

  25. I was laughing reading this post. happen to me once (not about food but seeing a doctor). I just walk out of the clinic without paying and the lady at the counter was shouting for me in her cubicle. haha....No medications was prescribe but still need to pay for consultation fee (I see the doc for some allergic problem). I totally forgotten about paying. The lady was there laughing at me too! so paisey.

  26. I think when 3 women get together, sit down, eat and talk...they forget that they are still on earth...haha. The shopkeeper must be so happy to see you all came back. Go again next time, I bet he will serve you more chicken :D

  27. Hello Reanaclaire! I admire the good deeds in you! How wonderful the world would be if all the people on earth could be as honest as you ladies!

  28. Eat chicken already....have superpower......cross the road real fast....ha ha ha!

  29. mary: u r very right! that was what i

    benggee: we wanted to go there once again cos the chicken is nice.. so better pay la... hahaha...

    pete: yes, how u know we crossed the busy road ah.. that was why we drove there in the end..cos road very busy one too...

  30. I'm glad you were all so honest. I'll bet the owner was extremely appreciative, too.

  31. Nowadays most shop require u to pay when the food is served. So I guess it's normal to forget to pay right b4 leaving. hahaha Good excuse, right? :D

  32. kay: wonder he remembers us or not next time.. :p

    slavemom: yes, i prefer to pay first.. then eat in peace.. aahah


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