Thursday, July 22, 2010

Washing Grapes With Colgate

Just wanna share this email I received from a friend.. about washing grapes with colgate!
Well, I think no harm in trying... cos the grapes we buy back from supermarkets are visibly seen and thinned with a whitish "paint"... right?
What I do normally is to soak them with lots of salt and water for at least half an hour...

After reading this email, I will try washing it with Colgate... or Darlie.. (can or not, I wonder)

normal appearance of grapes....

put some colgate on the gloves...
(use hands, can or not?)

wash wash.... no need to soak..

There.... so clean...
but i think i will still soak them with salt..
at least for awhile...what do you think?


  1. Amazing! No harm trying, rite? Just like you, I will normally soak them with salt water 1st before eating.

  2. hmm, didnt know that :)
    Thanks for popping by my blog :)

  3. wow! cool never know such way. :) okie will try i guess. hehe

  4. Good tip!! :) Thanks for sharing :)

  5. wei no nee so mah farn la...just get a bottle of those fruit and vege cleaner liquid. just a drop and all become "shining" jor.

  6. hey! thanks for the tip, but i agree, one more round with the salt

  7. elaine: see effective or not...

    inspiredmum: yeah at times the whitish thing is there...

    renjac: me too.. didnt know..

    caroline: geli or not?

    kathy: serious ah.. that tupperware one? colgate free ma.. hahaha...

    angel: hope so..

    chrisau: dare to try?

    lily: yes, salt is the best..

  8. Well, you got great pictures, and it does look like it cleans well, but....swallowing toothpaste is poison to small children, all it takes is a bit the size of a pea. My great nephew ate some and had to go into the hospital. But i guess as long as you rinse it off the grapes really good?

  9. look great and clean.

    try with salt i guess the same outcome.

  10. ginny: i havent tried it before.. these pics came from the email.. it is like using toothpaste to clean our teeth..maybe if wash it thoroughly, it might work..

    chvoon: i rendam with salt normally but sometimes the whitish layer still there..

  11. The grapes we get here in the UK are covered in those white-ish stuff as well but I don't think they're harmlful. I'll do a bit of research to find out what they are and let you know. I do like the look of those sparkling grapes though! Lol!

  12. I always peel off the skin before eating :) I know very ' mah fann' but my Piggies only eat without skin, so this Momsie seldom want to buy grapes ;p

  13. fely: there is a name for it.. i forgot to post it up.. sigh...

    elin: i lazy to peel and i normally buy those seedless too.. just pop them inside the mouth..

  14. wow, never heard of this way before. i'll give it a try next time...of course, i'll still soak them in salt water after that, like you :D

  15. So shiny the grapes look... just like our teeth after brushing! haha!

  16. Gee..I'm the laziest person ever. I just wash with water only. The grapes are so shiny. Yes no harm trying and wash with salt water for the final rinse.

  17. I think I don't want to eat any of them. :D

  18. hmmm... I love to eat, can I have some, hehe! thanks for dropping by

  19. Firstly,according to me,the very idea of washing grapes with Colgate seemed weird to me.But after going through your post,maybe it's worth a try.Thanks.

  20. barb: yah,like geli to eat like that, hor..

    leona: camera trick?

    mummygwen: yes, salt is the ultimate choice..

    sjb: i agree!

    tekkaus: geli, right? end up not buying grapes..

    yanz: dare to try?

    hisunfailinglove: sure, by all meanhs.. :p

    webdesign: wonder it really works or not...

  21. I read this e mail before, but never try. Like Elin, normally i will peel the skin and eat.

  22. I love to eat grapes but never bother to really clean off the whitish paint on the skin le. I just simply wash with water and pop into my mouth. must think again. hehe

  23. I'd be cautious washing with toothpaste coz usually the grapes r exposed when we peel it off its stem. Anyway, wat I do is to soak in water then wipe with clean wet cloth. But quite a lot of work loh, can oni wipe a few at a time. :)

  24. eeh?...learned from who ? you can use colgate to give your silver necklace or pendant a good shine - really.

  25. wow very clean.. but i use to soak with salt water too.. ;)

  26. annie: yes, email..wonder whether harmful or harmless

    mnhl: so easy hor....

    slavemom: wah, much work.. sigh..

    ahngao: that i know.. safer too..

    cathJ: i dare not try la.. hahaa...

  27. Wah, everyone so rajin. I just rinse in water and makan! Is the white stuff bad for you? Wuoldn't soaking in salt water make the grapes salty instead of sweet? hehehehe......

  28. normally I use Amway DISH DROPS Dishwashing to wash vegetables & fruits =D

    Dish drops Dishwashing Liquid has been tested and is now approved to be used to wash or soak vegetables and fruits. To clean vegetables and fruits:

    * Dilute 1 ml of dish drops Dishwashing Liquid concentrate in 5 L of water
    (5 ml =1 teaspoon)
    * Soak vegetables or fruits for no more than 5 minutes
    * Rinse well.


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