Friday, July 30, 2010

Some Souvenirs In Cultural Village, Gentings

Oh, I forgot to post what I have bought in Gentings... let me tell you... on the 8th floor of First World Hotel, there is a shopping stalls called "Cultural Village" whereby each stall represent one country. We were amazed by the stalls there, partly because they represent some Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and of course Malaysia...

These stalls sell souvenirs.. cheap too.. and we ended up buying quite a lot of stuff.. my kids love this place.. we had a wonderful time trying out some toys.. yes, trying out.. hahhaa...

giant toothpaste??? is a pencil case plus sharpener..
so cute!!
Andy loves this very much.. lol...

For Andy and Fernie..
part of the souvenirs we bought..
each of us have something to buy for ourselves..

Din't expect to buy anything in Gentings
but ended up buying more than we expected...


  1. Lol, it's sure looked like a real toothpaste!

  2. i thought it was Dalie or Darkie :P

  3. I LOVe the toothpaste pencil case!! I really thought it was toothpaste! I would have bought this myself! We have a similar set of shops called Ten Thousand Villages".

  4. haha the darlie pencil case is so cute! :D nicey!

  5. Yeah it's always good to buy some souvenirs at a place we traveled. U guys had some funny one there!

  6. the tooth paste too cute lah! I've seen it around the malls too :)

    have a happy long weekend.

    jen @

  7. jessie: yes, it looks like one!

    kath: darlie, darling.. hahaha...

    ninja: ho ho ho!

    ginny: cute, right? i wonder what they will have to display next time...

    sjb: yes, giant toothpaste..

  8. carol: not really darlie la.. hahaha.. looks like one..

    dora: yes, nice place .. long time we didnt go Gentings..

    jen: u too.. have a nice weekend..

    Mery: that is obama darlie..

  9. I didn't know bout the existence of cultural village at 8th floor of the hotel. Hmm.. nice info. Thanks.. :D

  10. this my first time i saw the president as the former 'darkie'...hahahaha

  11. hahhahah..suspend... very cute..


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