Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cheaper Streamyx, Faster Speed, Free Notebook


Yes, finally UNIPAC plan is in my house, the streamyx is working well... so far, so good la..
After two weeks of finger biting waiting anxiously for the new streamyx plan, it has finally been activated today... just nice, just right timing before my son goes back tomorrow.. otherwise, me being illiterate, will not know how to connect this or that...

My former subscription cost RM90 for 512speed and RM10 for unlimited calls. Now this package is cheaper, it is only RM68 for 1Mbps plus RM10 unlimited local and outstation call.. and then... free mini notebook.... and then.... free modem as well!! Isn't this offer great?? Worth waiting anxiously for 2 weeks or not?

But the notebook hasn't arrived yet, have to wait three more weeks... another anxious wait..


  1. Good deal offer still open can opt for a change? Sounds like "dai toll lan" haha..

  2. That sounds good. I wonder if we can get that same package here... RM68 is so cheap... I'm paying RM90+ now for my Celcom and sometimes, it can be such a pain...

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  4. bananaz: yeah.. but notebook is very small one..

    stp: expensive one.. if only yr girl is around, then can get unipac too...

  5. I wanna subscribe to this package too. :D

  6. how to qualify ya?
    cos my bro is uni student..but overseas la. can ar?

  7. tekkaus: if got college chop, qualify..

    rachel: any college also can chop on the form..

    medie:u doctor ma.. :p

  8. i dun wan the free notebook. all i want is the speed is real as they stated~

    have you done a speedtest?

  9. Wah!! Suddenly I feel like going back to college pulak :P

  10. So glad you finally got it, and before your son left!

  11. I must enrol in Uni to qualify for this deal...ha ha ha!

  12. Sounds good. Updating is always nice, but a lot of hassle until everything is the way you want it. Have a great Sunday.

  13. isley: yes, my son had done it before he left.. i didnt ask him about the speed, he would surely grumble if it was not good.. so i take it as good! :p

    agnes: u r still young, can be a student again...

    ginny: yes! thank God..

    pete: u go in as a lecturer..

    patty: yes, beginning is always a hassle..

    sjb: yeah! great..

  14. Bananaz from UNIverse so qualify also huh..o.O

  15. That sounds like a good deal. Yeah, a notebook takes some getting used to but its size can be a plus.

  16. bananaz: good one!

    cath: yeah, hope it comes

    happysurfer: i m waiting for it to come..


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