Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back To College

Yesterday (Saturday) was a hectic day... early morning at 8.30am, we (BIL, 2 sons, Tam and I) went to Penang... reached there 10.30am, "deposited" Andy to the college to do his registration for a new semester tomorrow, paid the hostel fees and moved his things to his room. His roommate was not back yet, it was quite dusty, he forgot to bring a cloth, he forgot to bring his mug, plate, spoon, chopsticks... what he did he forget, I wonder...

Me also felt lousy, as a mum, me didn't go into these details with him.. me not that type of making a checklist... me always told them to pack their things on their own...

Never mind, next time he knows what not to forget.... but right now, let him drink in a small pot.. :)


  1. Penangites always good at finger licking good no need folk spoon or chopsticks pakai tangan macha..

  2. Oh, gosh, sorry he forgot all these things. Has he done this before, with forgetting? So which year of college is this?

  3. SIGHHHHH!!!! Young people all the same. And when you keep asking and reminding, they think you are nagging. Nag! Nag! Nag! Well, there's an obvious reason why parents have to nag! Right, Claire?

  4. bananaz: not used to eating food by hand la...

    ginny: 1st time forgetting his utensils, other times forgetting his shoes, yeah!!

    cath: no la.. he said he wont his money..hhahaa...

    stp: teok lo! our voice is like nagging in their ears..wait till they become parents then they will know who nag more!!

  5. dont feel bad la. He is an adult already. Should know how to pack his bag. Maybe he just forgot in the excitement. It happens to all of us also.

  6. kathy, yeah.. big liow.. i cannot be remembering all .. :)

  7. College life is the evergreen period of life. People try to utilize this time the most. While doing so, people often forget other necessary work. The same thing happened with Andy. Let him enjoy his life fully. Bye.


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