Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Visit To The Berlin's Bier Houz

The German has touched Ipoh... Yes, Berlin's Bier Houz has come to town. We must go and try one day, Aaron told me... Well, that "one day" has materialized...We, The Happy Four finally visited the German Houz in Greentown Business Centre.....

It was a long lunch hour last Friday and after fetching Fernie from school, we went to grab our German set lunch. To my surprise, the place was quite full but we managed to get a nice comfortable place inside the premises..... Service was good, we were served upon very swiftly.

Let's see what's in the Happy Hour Menu...

the self service salad
you can take as much as u like...

Elin's Grilled Fish Fillet with mango mayo

my chicken chop with home made sauce
Fernie ordered the same.. no regrets..
the sauce was very nice.. sweet and sour..

Aaron's braised beef knuck with butter rice...
plus one free drink and self service salad
it was all worth it for RM15 per pax!

See how contented our faces were after the lunch...
Thank you for another delightful meal!


  1. waaa i love the salads!! =D always nice n happy with loved one yea. :)

  2. aiya...im almost the first one but got beaten to second. Usually german food got a lot of big big sausages....this one got or not?

  3. Alamak... these stuff are my kinda thing. Rm15 per pax? That's really worth it, considering can hentam
    as much salad as you want!

    And yeah, where's the German sausages?

  4. I was thinking abt the sausages too. :)

  5. Reasonable price and nice food. Nice!

    Claire, I got an award for you

  6. I love to see people's food plates when you go out to eat!!! This all looks so very yummy! When I go out to eat, I look at everyone's plates as I pass by, so I can see what looks good. I love the picture of you and your daughter, you are both beautiful!

  7. the food looks too delicious! love the presentation of it :) Looks like you guys had fun!

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  8. You've probably noticed that blogger is acting up again! It says that people have less comments than they really have. And I was unable to comment on your cell phone post, so will comment here and hope it goes through. Sounds like your son would have gotten the best part of your phone trade, because your phone is a newer touch phone. Have you heard of the D.S. by Nintendo? It is a hand held gaming system. You can buy hundreds of different games to put in and play. We just got one. It comes with a stylus pointer, but since they are so easy to lose, you can buy more. Even in different colors! So if you need to find a pointer, you can look for that if you can't find one for the phone.

  9. ok now i am considering moving to Ipoh hahahahahhaha

  10. I love salad bars and good choice with the chicken. It looked the tastiest to me too. I like the picture looking at the menu!

  11. i like Fernie best in the uniform. So sweet n innocent !

  12. I like your portion, Claire.No dessert?

  13. Thanks for the lunch :)) I love the fish ...my favourite !

  14. Read this now at 12.15pm which is lunch time. Betul betul cannot tahan.... want to eat now! hehehehe

  15. German...and you did not have the pork trotter??? Ooooo....!!!! And nobody had the sausages either? Aiyor.... LOL!!!

  16. caroline: yes, it was a good time!

    mery: i went for lunch just now..

    chrisau: sure got.. but that one ala carte not set lunch..

    cleff: u also another one asking for sausages!

  17. wenn: u know where, right?

    angel: not bad actually...

    slavemom: that makes me wanna order that next time..

    sjb: yes, ok not bad..

  18. sarah's parents: i did tat liow.. hahaha.. thanks anyway!

    Ginny: u brighten up my day. hahaha.. i am a vain pot..

    jen: yes, where food is concerned, we have fun...

    ginny: actually i found the stylus in my another handbag.. it dropped out..

    manglish: sure, serious?

  19. jeanne: yes, she was browsing on what to order then..

    elaine: hahaa..she is petite..

    mommyling: RM15 no dessert la.. only salads and a lemon ice tea..

    elin: next time i try the fish..

  20. i don't even know how to rponounce the name! hahaha! besides pork knuckle, german sausage are very nice too... fat, juicy and tasty! yum yum!

  21. oooo..look yummy and the price is not too bad :) german food is so delicious.

  22. European food always seems to be so appetising and delicious...different from the rest...

  23. Thanks for the information.First two items looked really delicious and typical European.Hope you guys get to enjoy more meals there.

  24. boeyjoey: how come most of us here are asking about sausages? hehehee...

    barb: next time i go try another dish...

    leona: yes, once awhile it is nice to eat western food.

    websitedesign: yes, next time i post up more.. :)

  25. Yum yum!! The food looks yummy!! RM15 per pax consider very cheap for western lunch. They serve illy coffee?

  26. annie, they serve green tea if u want.. coffee, i m not sure cos i m not a drinker in that..

  27. I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

  28. worse pork i've ever had, I have a strong suspicion that the owner is a Malay who pretends he's not a muslim.


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