Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh

After our set lunch, we went to walk around this new side of Greentown Business Centre. It looks pretty new to me.. I have not walked on this side of Greentown before... in time to come, the shops will be fully occupied, hopefully more eatery shops so that Ipoh town will not be so quiet and sleepy when night falls...

new side of Greentown Business Centre..
What's lacking is parking slots...

after some snapshots, they went home..
"Bye, mom.. see u this evening!"


  1. A new township in Ipoh eh? The place looks pretty busy with all parking lots occupied in the first 2 pics.

  2. Ya...this place certainly looks very nice and modern...not like old town Ipoh - not so nice. Come, come to Sibu - also very nice! Hehehehehehe!!!

  3. ehh how come aaron is still at home keh? holiday ar?

  4. I still prefer the ol' rustic side of Ipoh! ;)

  5. Very soon all the shops would be occupied.....restaurants and pubs...for yam seng...LOL!

  6. angel: a small part of the business centre..

    inspiredmum: that was why i said not enough parking lots.. :)

    stp: ok ok, i sure go one day! mandy!!!

    manglish: its a holi holi day!

    gratitude: in old town..still lot authentic ones..

    pete: rather than now so quiet and dangerous at night.. hahaha..

  7. This is very nice looking. But I must say that my favorite is those fancy bricks that the street is made of.

  8. Your daughter so nice pose for you in Green town.

    Yeah...hope the shops faster fill up and be a great hang out place!

    Thought the area near JJ would be like that. But become moer like a hawker centre and the pubs and bars all seem cannot really thrive!

  9. ginny:yes, certain parts are brick roads..

    ann: i agree with u.. JJ side is quite congested.. not enough parking bays too..

  10. The town is really beautiful with clean streets for the pedestrians to walk. The most striking feature of the town is the color of the buildings. All the buildings share the same color. The street is wider enough for cars to park. Bye.

  11. I am sure your dotter has a lot of peminat at school. She is pretty.


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