Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Way To Charcoal Factory

Driving out from Kuala Sepetang, on the way back to Taiping, we stopped at this charcoal factory, just one km away from town.
For the first time in history, I visited a charcoal factory, how and what and where the charcoals are being made...
But along the way, I like to look at the scenery again... old trunk roads are more shadier and cooler than the normal highway roads...

here we are, finally...


  1. Oh.....they use the mangrove treees to process into charcoal then. :(

  2. I like to take back roads, too. Instead of the main huge highway, they are so scenic, with opportunities for pictures.

  3. gratitude: i also just know about that lately..

    kathy: near Taiping..

    Ginny: yes, i agree with u...

  4. I hope that was a wonderful experience for you to be in the lush green mangrove forest. It was a good decision by you to stop by the charcoal factory and see the activities there. Thanks for those beautiful photos. Bye.


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