Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fasting Month Is Good

Starting from today, there will be a month fasting for all muslims throughout the country. In another month's time, their Hari Raya (new year) will be celebrated and I love to share this festive season time of the year with them. There will be a lot of goodies to munch and eat... hahaha...
And for this whole month, my boss is kind enough to give us half and hour early to go off... isn't that wonderful! But of course, our lunch hour will be cut off to half hour instead of one hour.. well, I don't mind instead I welcome it cos that will definitely discourage me from going out to have a full meal, right? :)

Happy Buka Puasa to All Muslims!


  1. Wah half an hour earlier? Wish my boss would let us off early too! Anyway you're right, must prowl the food bazaar for some yummy delicious food!

  2. Yeah. Thanks to the Muslims we now can leave work earlier. Love em! We finish work earlier by 1 hour. Yes!

  3. Hehe... I can go home early too...
    I don't mind if they extend the fasting season to 2 months... shorten the period of work.

  4. Seems like your boss isn't really giving you anything, just trading the hours. But it still is nice to do.

  5. Sometimes I feel like fasting too so that I can detox my body. :p


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