Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gifts to Give And Receive

Few days ago, this lovely blogger sms-ed me to meet up on this Sunday morning. When I received her suggestion, I was more than happy to meet her up. We had known each other for a year or so, (have to dig back history) and since then, we used to hop over to each blog almost daily... right, W?

At first we were supposed to meet in Polo Ground at 8.30am... then later she suggested meeting up in INDULGENCE at 9am and she mentioned it would be her special treat!! Wow... I said.. Indulgence is very costly, even my kids "wow" at that...hahaha... So meanwhile I was cracking my head about what to give her during our first meeting. Being Ipoh-ian, nothing special to both of us... then an excellent idea struck me! What else more special then Elinluv's delights, right??

As usual, Elin is ever ready to help me especially in "cooking/baking" up something.... and here was what she did for me.. something special...

this is called an orange poppy seed lemon cupcake!

not only one, she baked up more than a dozen...
Well, I hope this lovely blogger likes them!

I have a most delightful breakfast,
something beyond my expectation
and these lovely gifts from her...

Tonight I will share what we had indulged in INDULGENCE!


  1. Good grief... i would love to sink my teeth on those. Looks so sedaaappp!

  2. cupcakes! yum!
    blessed to have great friends in cyber!

  3. time when i want to meet up with you, no need to crack your head what to buy for me ya (so thick skin), just hinting Elin to bake/cook for me something. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH.

    Lovely cupcakes from Elin and beautiful pressie from Wenn, very sweet of them. :)

  4. cleff: just sink them in...hahhaa...

    kathy: i wish u all stay in ipoh too!

    tuti: yes, truly it is...

    annie: hope elin gets the hint.. hahaa..

  5. Elin! Elin! Move to Sibu... Hahahaha!

  6. Claire....must you......paiseh la you sing so loud about me. For your sake no problem la. Hope Wenn likes the cake. And the cake is Orange Poppy Seed With Cheese Frosting Cuppies :)

  7. wow..superb gift for Wenn.. very thoughtful of you miss claire:-)

  8. stp: u get her a nice job with a handsome pay.. she might consider..haaha..

    elin: long name.. how to remember leh for an old lady like me.. hahha.. never mind, as long as nice to eat, shorter name also ok! :p

    veta: yes, wenn and elin are also very thoughtful.. :)

  9. Wahhhhh!!!! How I wish I had somebody to give me cupcakes or whatever goodies from the oven every other day!!! I'm jealous!

  10. What a lovely gift, you are a very thoughtful friend!

  11. mamapumpkin: when making a trip here? :)

    ginny: thank you.. my friend Elin is my "solution." hahaha.

  12. I had two of the cupcakes. They were yummy. Thanks to you and Elin.

  13. wenn..sorry, didnt give u more.. hahaa.. next round..


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