Sunday, August 22, 2010


My first meeting with Wenn in Indulgence at 9am... I thought I was early but no, she was already there before me. It was already 9am and we were practically the first customers of the day....

The Indulgence

Beautiful environment surrounded with greens..

a warm ambiance for those who prefer quiet and serenity..

an end high boutique hotel upstairs..

we were ushered into this beautiful corner..

which corner is the best...

we picked this corner..
comfortable cushions on one side...
after waiting for more than half hour...

Wenn's Pomme Pomme came....

slightly chat potato halves, topped with poach eggs
crispy croissant slices...

spinach and carrot puree...

I chose a Boxed-In

stuffed with egg, turkey cubes, beans, spinach...

with onions in crisp bread with lemon hollandaise
& lemon pepper pearls...
(hahaha... how did i remember all these?)
and the meal came with 2 glasses of fresh fruit juice...

as usual... one for the album...

Many thanks to Wenn for the lovely dovey breakfast meal...
I really enjoyed this special breakfast, my first time ever and hope it won't be the last...
Let's meet up again and this time, let it be on me.... :p

Indulgence Living (And Restaurant)
14, Jalan Raja Di Hilir 30350 Ipoh


  1. Claire....what a nice breakfast to have....yummy yummy...those turkey cubes looks fasting on Monday ? :p

  2. elin, please do not remind me to fast la.. eat oats for 2 meals tomorrow perhaps??? hahaha... joy to the world!

  3. Wow, just look at those food! yummyyy & such a nice surrounding :)

  4. Must be a very nice place.. like Carcosa . Look at the poached eggs. perfect ! Can hardly ever get perfect poached eggs. :)

  5. Puan Isah: yes.. expensive but very nicely done...

    elaine: Carcosa? perfect poached eggs? hahaa.. i just walloped all till plate is empty..

  6. Never heard of this place...must go when Im back.

  7. Wowee!! So glam! Looks like a lovely place and looks very expensive too. Fine dining has arrived in Ipoh!

  8. Oooh... I've never seen fine-dining breakfast like this! You girls really know how to "than" :)

  9. My mom went there once. She said it's very pricey.

    Hmmm, I will visit next time I'm back in Ipoh.

  10. Indulgence, the most classy fine dining restaurant in Ipoh. The chef, Julie Song is a talented chef but her daughter is a bit too snobbish.

  11. looks so yummy... i wish its halal.

  12. Hi Reanaclaire, wow! I love this place. Looks very colonial too. Reminds me of KL's Carcosa. As well touches of Cameron Highland's Fosters Smoke House Inn.

    I bet it must be nice at night. Candle lit dinner?
    You gals sure know how to pick them....and the food looks sinfully delicious, Lee.

  13. So glad you and Wenn had such a lovely meal. That looks fabulous! Yummy!

  14. Oooer heard so much about Indulgence. Will certainly try hard to make a trip there. You gals must hv had a great time bonding.

    Have a wonderful new week ahead ya! :)

  15. What a beautiful place. And this is the yummiest looking food you have posted so far!! Wish I had been there!

  16. Looks like a very fancy eating place. Food looks yummy. To me the boxed in looks the best.

  17. Wahh... looks like a very mysterious mansion from the outside. I'm inspired to write something about such place already. =D Imagine... some rich Casanova living in there...bringing some unsuspecting, innocent ladies inside or a rich heiress in need of a convenient husband... walao... I better stop. Imagination is running wild... *pengsan* And it doesn't help that the food is luxurious too!

  18. The food looked a bit too exotic ler. :p

  19. Oh, what a lovely place! The buildings are so colonial... I love houses like that... None of the fancy modern stuff. Hah!!! Elin's asking you, "Fasting on Monday?" She mogok liao, does not want to cook for you... Hehehehehe!!!!

  20. chris: last time Indulgence was in Canning Garden, only a shoplot, now expanded..

    mamapumpkin: all along fine dining is in ipoh but never want to go there, pricey ma! :p

    chloe: Wenn chose the spot..she is very generous!

    jessie: yes, do come and experience the Ipoh fine dining.. hahaha..

    mingna: yes, the owner is an ex Main Convent girl in her fifties now.. still elegant and beautiful..

  21. Lily: yeah, i think not halal.. :)

    gratitude: yes, we had a great time, thanks!

    ginny: hahhaa.. must yummy food u have seen so far in my blog? cos this dish suits u perfectly.. lol...

    patty: yes, i would recommend boxed in.. really filling!

    cleff: next time u come, i take u to that place, then u imagine more!! we go visit the surroundings only.. ok? maybe take a walk inside and come out after that..hahaha... last time i went there with my kids, they ended up not enjoying so much bec the portion was not enough for them.. definitely more for adults, couples in love.. hehhee..

    tekkaus: i think most of us asians prefer chinese big bowls of food.. :)

    stp: yeah lo, today will be oats and oats, sugarless with bread! hahaha.. Elin, i wonder what she will say later..

  22. Somehow or rather, Wenn is one blogger friend i would love to meet up, next time arrange lah,, sister

  23. Wah nice breakfast! Love how they presented the food! Finally get to to see Wenn's photo!

  24. Can, no problem... I wanna makan tepi jalan punya... these kind of places kenot really enjoy wan, cuz ah... have to pretend classy... kenot talk loud loud, kenot eat til so full... very cham punya. LOL. Den ah... oso $$... wik cekik tepi jalan wan more relaxing for me. LOL... no worries kena basuh pinggan oso. LMAO.

  25. Wow...started up with a nice breakfast...envy.. The Pomme Pomme looks seducing...LOL!!!

  26. eugene: aiyah.. when r u coming? :)

    pete: finally unfolded.. :)

    cleff: wah..macam sangat sedih.. hahaha... u talk so soft one.. where got loud.. u r the most gentle among us..

    ling: come pomme pomme.. come!!

  27. wa....look something like from Cameron

  28. Wow, it's really costly to dine in there.... I've never been there!

  29. This lovely place looks to offer a sheer amount of comfortable coupled with the food presented in such a piece of art, it's not surprised with its price!

  30. kathy: looks like those smoked house, right?

    cindy: me 3rd time.. :)

    dora: yeah, very homely and comfortable like..

  31. Hi Claire. As usual, your pictures all make me salivate! I am back! Sorry for not checking out and updating my blog. Been so busy, but check out my trip to Melbourne! Take care. CY

  32. Nice place! Heard of Indulgence since long time ago.. went to the old outlet before, actually didn't think the food was that GREAT until they have to charge such exorbitant prices lor.. :P

  33. Oh! So you met up with blogger Wenn! The food looks interesting! Nice place to dine and chit chat yes?

  34. wow...u both really know how to indulge urself....really nice place ler...look so high class lah.

  35. Woah Claire!!! The food looks absolutely delicious. i might have to go to mcDonalds straight after that to 'fill up' but don't they just look yummy!!!

  36. well, since we were meeting for the first time, I would definitely give her a special treat as she is special.

  37. cy: wow..what a lovely holiday u had!!

    sweetwitch: yes, last time it was only a shop lot in canning garden..

    foongpc: yes, very nice ambiance too..

    via: something very englishy.. i can say. :)

    fely: i m sure u have lots of these food over there :)

    bananaz: hope wenn sees yr Hi. :)

    wenn: wow..what a nice thing to say.. i guess we bloggers are kind of special in our own ways..:)

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