Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gifts From Over The Sea

I received a few pressies from my blog friends, some edible stuff, they are all in my stomach now... LOL... those not edible are some lovely books from a book addict blogger, (guess you all know who this lovely bookblogger is by now) and lately a gift from this lovely lady who vacationed in Australia and just two days ago, a gift from this handsome man who came back from Japan. Please do not be jealous that they did not send to you...LOL.... you can envy though... hahahaha...

Anyway, it makes me paiseh (embarass) also cos I do not really send stuff. I prefer to give you makan (food) when I see you face to face... Sorry about not buying gifts when I come back from overseas vacation or sending any by post. But now with online local websites, it is very easy... Ok, whose birthday is it in September??? I can "smell" someone's birthday coming soon....

The red from Australia
The fishes came from Japan...


  1. who? who? who? *aiks ! sound like Burung hantu pulak*

  2. LOLOL... I know who. *grinz* My daughter in law's bday. Elise... Ling's dotter's bday. Ahahahahahhahaha~

  3. I received a fridge magnet from Los Angeles beginning of the year but had no idea who sent it to me. Tried asking around but none of my friends had gone to Los Angeles early this year. Funny, hoh?
    (Ming Na's secret admirer)... hehe

  4. Manglish. Somebody got something too...and posted on it. Hehehehehe!!! Your birthday coming up?

  5. @Cikgu.... psst... my bday and my DIL's bday! Come.. kasi me kompiah next mth! I dun ask much. Kakaka... I like to makan. So feed me.LOL.

  6. wah....aunt claire, got japanese man send gift to u? wooohoooooo.......!!!

  7. kathy: madam who... who else...

    cleff: how come i dont know???

    mingna: not funny leh.. scary! hahahaa... got secret admirer or stalker now? but must be secret la cos he has your address so must be someone u know.. :)

    stp: no la.. still got a couple of months to go.. will u come for my birthday party??

    cleff: cis, dont treat u makan.. always belum makan, say full already one... lol...

    chris: dont play play hor.. .

  8. Hahaha... now you know lorr. =P Elise and my bday is just one day apart. LOL... hmm... looks like I'm gonna have to go hunt so pretty dresses or cute books for my DIL. (wait til Ling sees this, she will pengsan!)

  9. cleff... so having a birthday party?

  10. Your gifts looks beautiful.Good to receive gifts from your friends,really very exciting...


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