Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hillsong Came To Ipoh

I missed it unfortunately!!

My girl was on duty in Syuen Hotel when the Hillsong Christian group band came to Ipoh. It was a wonderful experience for her... to be there with the band, to worship and sing praises to our Lord God.

According to her, the first night was very packed... mostly youth were there and the hall could only hold 2000 people. The Hillsong band was fantastic, all glory and honour goes to Almighty... One Way Jesus was one of the many songs sung... oohh, I should have gone and witness the concert during the second night. All I have are some pictures taken by her...

during the rehearsal...

it was a successful evening...

taken with part of the band...


  1. Yeah, heard about that! Im sure there's a lot of folks attending the event!!

  2. their singing and their songs!

  3. Aiyhah didn't know they are in Ipoh. Will they come to Penang?

  4. i was there!!! a student got me to bring her there all the way from bidor. i was there on wed. they extended another night on thursday. it was really pack but it was really a good show.

  5. Great band love their "Hosanna in the Highest"..

  6. Never heard about them. :D I must be Jakun. Anyway I am sure you and your daighter enjoyed it. :D

  7. Gosh, pictures with part of the band and everything! Why didn't you go?

  8. Next round..don't miss out the chance.

  9. hop over to
    she has a video of that.

  10. chris: yeah..1st night very packed..

    stp: me too.. i downloaded from pc...

    michelle: must ask the church office..

    kathy: next round in Australia.. :)

    escape: wahh.. so blessed u..

    bananaz: yes, one of their many songs.. i love..

    tekkaus: my daughter did..

  11. ginny: u can say i m lazy.. after work and all that.. tired..

    mery: yeah, now i am wondering why i didnt go... sigh..

    wenn: thanks Wenn for the info.. better than nothing..

  12. Wow, I like hillsong and has beem listening to them on CD since my university year... their worship song is intense and energetic. The live performance must be awesome and inspiration :)

  13. wish to see them also performing live and be with them singing worship songs:-) good for ur gal she was given the chance to be with them:-)

  14. Wish i was there...hope they will come to Penang, next.

  15. ouch... u must be feeling very sayang u didn't manage to go...

  16. Ben, yes, my girl said it was great!!

    veta: she was excited being there for 2 days..

    jessie: too bad i missed the live concert!

    medie: memang sayang! haha...

  17. Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.


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