Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gurney Drive Gurney Plaza

It's a holy, holy, holiday.... someone asked me where I went the whole day, she didn't see me online almost the whole day until now....

So where did I go this morning?

see this tree here?
Does it remind you anywhere?

how about this? any idea?

and this... sigh... it was such a depressing sight..

This is Gurney Drive.. all dried up...
Is it due to dry weather...
I remember it was not like this recently...

it was around 10.30am when we arrived this morning...
not many cars were around...

it was still early when we reached...

Gurney Drive...

Yes, Mega Sales is on!!

Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Is that a big dried up man made lake or fountain in front of those stores?

  2. Even I'm not an environmentalist, I think we should all play our part in conserving the environment and make our planet a better place to live.

  3. go penang again? and, what holiday ??

  4. I miss Gurney Plaza. I used to go there for Karaoke with course mates haha.

  5. shopping a lot ? must have burn big hole in pocket.hehehe

  6. so much for sightseeing... shopping took over :P.

  7. Beautiful Penang! I would love to visit it again.

  8. Eeee...that's not the Gurney drive I remember. :( The one i remember looks really pretty...

  9. Very hot there, eh? Here, hot for a week already...but not complaining - definitely not after the wild weather before that...that brought the flood, even though my area not affected at all, thankfully! Give thanks...always. Enjoy your shopping and your holiday! *envy*

  10. Went to Penang last to weeks for 5days (attending Seminar) but never got a chance to Gurney drive..I just walking and eating around the Sunway time will go for vacation and explore it all hehhee..

  11. ginny: that is supposed to be a seaside.... dont know why it is dried..maybe low tide then..

    mingna: agree with u completely..

    chrisau: no la.. a day trip.. take bro back..

    chris: during the college days? :)

    goldflower: actually didnt shop. too early then..and bro wanted to run some errands!

  12. LV: no shopping, just stopping by and went to restrooms.. hahaha...

    wenn: very near to taiping.. :)

    cindy: when going?

    cleff: i heard it is going to for reclaiming land.. not so sure.. so dried..

    stp: just a day trip nia.. went to take bro home.. nothing special.. hahaha..

    angeline: fortunately no.. i didnt.. :)

    alv: nice to go for course there..

  13. so apa u beli during this mega sales? shop till u broke kah? hihi

  14. =( It used to be so breezy, watery and beautiful. What a shame. =(

  15. it's good to just enjoy the scenery of a new place wherever you go! refreshes the heart. enjoy your weekend, claire!

  16. Aiseh, why dry up till like that? Last time when I go still got water. Didn't knw the base was like that.. not pleasant looking lor :P


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