Friday, August 27, 2010

Unipac Free Gift From TM Net

A great surprise call came around 11.45am.... asking me whether I am so-and-so and that he wanted to deliver a gift... a gift I have been waiting for a month already.... a gift that I posted about just two days ago...


Remember my ranting post two days ago? Mr Ivan really granted my request! True enough, he managed to deliver this Netbook in two days and not two weeks!! So it is not all talk and no work, Mr. Ivan really made an effort to get this delivered ... so nice of him.. (will give him a drink if I know who he is.. hahaha...)

at own mini netbook...

Thanks to Andy too....

he downloaded whatever needs to be downloaded..

and now the problem is...
for an old lady like me,
will I get used to this mini-sized netbook???


  1. Claire, my friend's both son & daughter also apply for the lines. And they collected their computers just a day ago! So syok huh! They told me their line charges are RM38.00 per month. Really worth it! Now, you happy lah! haha.... Enjoy your evening.
    Cheers, kristy

  2. wow..finally your netbook arrived. the one you waited for so long... well, you have to use with it...or else my two hands are willing to have it :-) very wide open arms:-)

  3. I'm loving it that you're showing us, so COOL!!! I am very excited for you!! Will you keep the other, does it work well? I had a tiny computer about this size, and had no problem, I think you'll be fine. You will have to let us know if you like it better and what the difference is!

  4. nice...thinking to get a new lappy but there are other stuff needed to be paid here and there....*sigh*

  5. Nice netbook..I juz got mine last month.

  6. Wow..nice and cool mini netbook!


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