Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Friend, The Florist

This is not a paid post but a post to inform those who wants to order flowers for any kind of functions, please take note that my ex-classmate is now a florist and operating her own floral arrangement in her house. Graduation ceremonies, birthdays or any kind of occasion, she will do her best to give you the best, in pricing and in style...
I will give you her details if any of you are interested...

For more pictures, do go to my FB under reanaclaire.
(for Ipoh delivery only but for students in UTP, transport is not a problem)


  1. noted :D wei...she sell flower only ah? got include those choc etc moe?

  2. got ah... customized also can ah...

  3. Noted.

    So now tell me when is your birthday. LOL!


Thank you, readers!

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