Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Negative Food Review

I think this will be our last time we had lunch in Ming Foong restaurant here in Pusing. It was not our first time but after yesterday, I don't think I wanna come back here again. My kids agreed too...

this is the shop we went to.... Ming Foong
Either we didn't know how to order or the chef now is not as good as those years before. No more Omphh. Okay, before I review further, I want to state that this is my only from my personal point of view....

I ordered their famous fried wan ton...
when they came out, they were so pathetic looking
and not at all appetizing...
I think I can wrap up better than that..

vege was alright.. fresh...

ginger sliced fish was not tasty..
they should use young ginger but unfortunately..
the ginger were older than me..

sing chow meehoon...
the meehoon was hard and tough
they were not "soaked" long enough...

fried rice.. sigh.. no comments..
i think i can do better...

this is sang har mee..
their signature dish... but then...
the supposedly big prawns were not there
but replaced with miniature size.. and not fresh!
the noodles was not the sang mee ..
but more like the wanton mee..
one word-Lousy!

nevertheless we finished it up without the real "omphh"
Bill came to RM77 for these few "un-attractive" dishes
Either we do not know what to order or
maybe we have higher expectations..
whatever it is, we will not purposely go all the way there to have our food again...


  1. Gosh..what happened to their chef? The food do look pathetic . I think you can cook better on those that u have ordered and it costs u RM77 for those dishes. Not worth it leh :(

  2. yeah lo.. see also no appetite.. rugi only... sigh...

  3. wah so cham why the present the wanton on a serviette geh. So ugly

  4. hmmm... seldom see you complaint abt food le, so this must be really bad

  5. kathy: really pathetic...sigh..

    irene: yes, u r right.. the food was not good..

  6. RM77 is expensive le. These are mostly 'tai chow' dishes.

    Ohh the Sing Chow Meehoon... from the picture can see the 'hardness'.

    Yes boikot. :P

  7. From the pic...the foods does not looks tempting to me....I guess the chef is getting lousy..

  8. The only good looking thing is the green vegetables! The rice is sad and rather grey, and the shrimp so tiny! You gave me a good laugh about the ginger being older than you! You are NOT being picky, I totally agree about this mess, and hope people avoid this place or complain, so they will change their food!

  9. che-cheh: if the food is nice, 77rm is justified...

    mery: either that or maybe he was not around on that day. :)

    ginny: well..if the food is not good, word gets around .. they just got to rectify the problem...

  10. All the foods u ordered also my fav, but they dont look appetizing enough wor..i bet Claire u can do better than them

  11. Hahaha, claire... i like the way u described the ginger... kekeke.

  12. ling: if i can do, u also can do much better...hahaha..

    irene: hehehee.. just a pun..

  13. Really that bad? hmm, must keep this in mind, not to visit it if I go Pusing...

  14. Next time you go makan there or anywhere, do introduce yourself as a famous blogger,,, then tell them dont play play with you lol,, cos your review can reach every corner of this world, see scare or not ...

  15. You are right! Everything looks so yucky over there especially the wanton. :p

  16. hayley: hope they improve by the time u go...

    eugene: wei.. want to start off another controversial on food bloggers ah? did u read the one in singapore? so hot topic..

    tekkaus: really..that was the most can they serve like that..i wonder..

  17. Maybe they change their cook la... the food looks soggy and not appetizing :-).

  18. Oh dear! Such pathetic noodles and rice! Should have gone to Tualang instead.. :(

  19. boeyjoey: yes, no more like last time.. wonder why...

    sweetwitch: regretted not going.. shouldnt changed plans..

  20. Ya...they certainly do not look nice. I think a non-pro like me...the dishes I cook would look a lot nicer. Hehehehehe!!!!

  21. I think I believe you. They don't look delicious. I'm sure you can cook way better than that...a very good meal for RM77!

  22. ok..i make sure that i won't go that restaurant next time :D

  23. maybe the original chef went for holiday and replaced by a half past six one??? :P
    The sang har mee looks mushy and un appetising!

  24. well, certain places will be our first n our last!

  25. Aiyaks... my comment din come out. Cis... stupid Internet connection!

    Ooo... I wanted to say, Claire.. that the food is disgustingly expensive... you dun even have seafood or steamed fish over there. And it cost you Rm77??? Wth! And in a small town? Ish... so slaughter punya!

  26. the foods tk nampak menyerlah la..hehehe

  27. Lol, this really really brings back old memories. I was born and raised directly across the road from Ming Foong, until my teen years. Unfortunately my old house is no more there, they demolished and built shop lots!


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