Friday, September 17, 2010

She Loves Toy Story

After watching the gory "flesh-eating fishes" movie with my kids the other day, I seriously told them that I would never want to watch this type of movie again. For the next few days, I refrained from buying fish, their teeth scared me. LOL... Well, for once they agreed with me, they rather watch some other entertaining movie instead, some other movies which are more relaxing, something like Toy Story 3. Have you seen this movie yet?

My girl told me she has seen it with her school friends and she would not mind watching it again. She simply loves the characters of in this TOY STORY 3, especially Buzz, the "astronaut." Other than Buzz, she loves to see all her favourite toys so alive, she told me once before about wishing her home toys could "talk" too. LOL... I know what she meant. When we were in Hong Kong Disneyland, she was so excited about seeing the characters of Toy Story in the procession. In fact, she has taken a video clip of all her favourite Disney characters from the trip.

Well, her birthday is coming on next month. Writing this post gives me an idea what to buy for her on her special day. Guess what? The Toy Story 3 DVD is out for grabs now in this website and anyone can just make an order from their special price here.


  1. I like Toy Story too... Xmas coming... *hint hint* LMAO....ahh, this post brings back the times I watch Toy Story with my dad. :D

  2. My gals also like Toy Story..have the DVD day duno watch how many times.

  3. Claire, I'm 40+ and still loving this movie! My kids too! I love all the charactors in there. Super cool!

  4. Not nice meh Piranha? I love it!! Not becoz of the story or acting or bikini babes, but becoz of the goryness!! Haha

  5. I wonder what will happen if piranhas are put into those fish spa. Would be nice to see the results! LOL!!

  6. Toy Story 3 is a nice movie!! Love it too! : )

  7. seriously dat piranha is frightened me a lot. dats d 1st time i didnt finish my drink n foods b4 the movie end, n imagine dats only for 1hr15mins?! screaming inside the movie hall summore. :(


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