Friday, September 17, 2010

Through It All...

Started our journey to Penang around 1.20pm, Aaron and I... when we reached the Jelapang toll, it started to rain... and rained... and rained......throughout our whole 1 1/2 hours of drive. One time the rain was so heavy that I had to stop at a resthouse and we only resumed our journey when the rain was lighter.

I was driving at around 70kmph when I saw vaguely from afar that a car has stopped right at the middle of the road... GOSH!!! Accident.... from afar, I saw one kid alighted from the damaged car unscathed, the adults were waving frantically to us drivers not to bang them.... a few cars had stopped by the roadside to help the passengers and to wave off vehicles... Gosh... so dangerous.. in the rain... I slowed down to maneuver to the side and I saw no injured passengers, thank God... just the whole bonnet gone and "kemek"

I hope there weren't any fast drivers who could not brake in time.... better to drive slow...
You know what, reader? When driving in the rain, wear your sunglasses, it gives better vision!! True... I always wear my sunglasses all the time in the car except at night.. :)

Aaron took the pictures while I drove..

Thank God for safe journey...

on the way back, the sky was "threatening" again...

but as Aaron drove, the sky turned brighter...

phew... by 7pm we were back safely home
with the "passengers"
What a Day!


  1. Thanks God you guys are fine! It's also raining heavily today in Spore and JB. Drive slowly under the rain.

  2. Claire, the other day when I was on my way to Melaka, also pouring rain, even worst! Can't even see the road. Luckily, something reminds me to put on my sunglasses! No jokes, I can actually see the road ahead so clearly. So, remember to wear your sunglasses next time. OK!
    Goodnight, Kristy

  3. chris: yes, thank God we are back safely..

    Kristy: oh yeah, i forgot to write it down..yes, i wear sunglasses all the time when driving..even in the rain.. except for night time.. yes, it helps!!

  4. That's why i'm always afraid to be on the road when it's raining. You know I don't drive right? But there was once when I needed to drive and THAT time it was pouring heavily I can hardly see a thing. I cried while driving while looking for the nearest place to stop my car!

  5. Huh? Really? Wear sunglasses will give better vision? Why? I must try it next time!!

  6. I prefer to drive at night than in the rain for the visibility is extremely low.

  7. merryn: with your tears and rain... gosh.. all blur liow.. thank God u r ok... :)

    foong: yes, u must try that.. buy the good ones..with UV..

    mingna: oh dear,. night and rain, i dont like .. but no choice only at times...

  8. I would have been so scared!! I had no idea about sunglasses in the rain and driving, I really need to try it, that is so strange!!

  9. Clair: Sometimes it can be really hard to drive through these storms.

  10. Have your ever seen the rain ..coming down on Jelapang lane..thank God nobody got hurt..someone told me long ago wearing sunglasses when it rains at night do help with the vision..belum try..~;)

  11. harr? wear sunglasses?? hehe. will try next time! btw, i dnt like to be on the road when its raining heavily. :/

  12. Driving adventure? where u go Claire?

  13. ginny: yes, do try it.... u have a better vision..

    fishingguy: yes, it is quite scary at times esp when the water was splashed onto the wind screen by another..

    bananaz: u must try... it is not so "glaring" ..hahaha..

    carol: yes, me also dont like.. but sometimes it happens..

    angeline: to Penang.. like a cab... hahaha..

  14. oh, that's very dangerous, especially under heavy rain most drivers would not be able to see clearly from a distance.. anyway, it's a must to always stay alert when driving.. glad you had a safe journey home.. :)

  15. I am Penang kia living in KL and travels outstation like weekly. Whenever it rains, my frenzy phobia would could come back. Once I drove slowly near Ipoh's highway in heavy rain storm but my 4WD was blown away and spun in circles before crashing into the divider. All cars skidded and braked infront of me. Adoi!

  16. sk: yes, it is safer to drive slow when it is raining.. can brake in time and not so wont sway...

    twilight: blown away???? how come? the vehicle is so heavy..unless it was flooded and u sped..the water can swayed away the car... wonder phobia..

  17. It's really a horrifying experience for the family. But thank God they are okay.

    Sometimes really cannot help it. If you are careful but the car next to you is careless then you will buta buta kena also

    Oh thanks for the tip on sunglass

  18. you'd be surprised to know that driving at nite with glaring headlights from oncoming vehicles, wearing sunglasses actually reduce glare without reducing vision.

    but you have to try it to believe it!

  19. kathy, yes, it is true.. it helps wearing sunglasses when it rains esp on the highway...

    doc: i havent tried wearing it during the night bec i dont like to drive on highways at night.. but during the daytime when it rains, i do wear sunglasses, very much better than the normal glasses...keeps the glare away.. right!


Thank you, readers!

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