Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar, Good Or Not?

Want to be healthy or want to lose some weight? :)

Heard that apple cider is good for our bodies. I remember drinking a few bottles already during five years ago or so. But I stopped after that. Then recently, I read in an email that Apple Cider is good for our bodies. Aaron heard about it too from a nutritionist, he also mentioned drinking apple cider once a day, to cut off extra fats in our bodies. Hearing that, I bought a bottle back from Jaya Jusco the other day.

Last time I used to drink a glass in the morning before I went to work. From what I experienced, yes, it is good for constipation and to reduce cholesterol. So.... anyone heard any other benefits from drinking Apple Cider? Please share....


  1. I was introduced to this cider like 15 years ago by a colleague who had bad breathe like a morgue. It managed to cleanse his internal morgue effectively. I drank on off just to make my mind happy but now you are telling me that it will loose weight. I want! I want!

  2. I bought a bottle of apple cider from Surabaya, Indonesia. I finished the whole bottle all by myself but didn't sense any difference to my body, especially when weight is concerned. My stubborn fats are not easy to get rid of.

  3. twilight: yes, i heard to cleanse the colon... well, sort of losing weight, right? hahhaa...

    Mingna: but i see u have no weight to lose ma.. slim and fit , u r , from the pictures I seen...

  4. I have a serious indigestion problem. I need to stay away from carbohydrates, a nutrient which my body fails to breakdown.

  5. Claire : I've taken the store bought one years ago but I feel that it's too strong to my belly. So, I now drinking the homemade ones! They called that as Enzyme or cider. Less acidic then the stor bought one and it's also more comforting. Yes, it does help in lossing weight & other problems as well!

  6. ouuu. i never tried these myself!! I wonder if I can find it here in toronto for a try lor hor??

    have a lovely weekend!!
    jen @

  7. Many years ago when I first started working, I used to take ACV for complexion and to control acne.
    Not too sure whether it helped me but definitely feels healthier after drinking it.

  8. mingna: my digestion power has slowed down too these few months.. so i need to eat moderately.. otherwise like congested till to the brim.. :)

    kristy: i think i know what u were referring to.. enzymes.. yes, home made ones too.. my sis used to do it then..nowadays lazy liow.. outside selling 60rm per bottle.. nice to drink too..

    jen: surely they have apple cider over there.. better brands too! :)

    leona: hey, can control acne: maybe it cleanses our body, that is why acne also gone liow.. :)

  9. i have a bottle of this rotting in the cabinet :P

  10. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is very good for health. It has a very alkalinising effect on our bodies to neutralise the acidic effect from all the meat, junk food, etc that we eat. I loev the Bragg's brand best. It's pure and raw AVC. Lots of ACV sold outside has been distilled and lost it's nutrients. Raw unfiltered ACV is full of live enzymes. I'm sure you can find the Bragg's brand there, more expensive but worth the money spent. Enjoy your drink...great mixed with raw honey.

  11. i have never tried apple cider before... just drink it like dat?

  12. I heard it can cut down some weight too... but never tried.. ^_^

  13. kathy: u no need to drink lar.. :)

    mary:u r right..yes, i just finished a bottle of Bragg not too long ago.. it took me months to finish that.. hahah.. didnt drink regularly..

    merryn: one tablespoon to half glass of water.. u google for it.. i think it serves more benefits than disadvantages.. :)

    cath: i think more on cleansing our bodies..

  14. Yes it is very good! My mom lost a lot of weight drinking this (added a tablespoon of oatbran)... We drink this whenever we feel bloated :P Braggs brand is 1 of the best. Not too expensive RM2+ if not mistaken

  15. Hi Reanaclaire, from what I know, it is good for health.
    But Chinese green tea is very good too.
    My wife and I drink Chinese green tea by the gallons!

    And today, here in Canada as well US, people are switching to Chinese Green tea everyday after US, Swiss, and European researchers reported it helps fight cancer, and you name it.

    As well, after eating Chinese food which can be oily at times, a glass of Chinese green tea helps get rid of that big cause of cholesterol buildup.

    We have White friends here who can rattle off Chinese green tea names as well which ones good better than whatever other drinks.
    We don't buy any other kinds of health drinks....
    And so far have not seen any wrinkles on my wife's face too, ha works!

    By the way, guess who's coming for dinner here? In Toronto. Lee.

  16. You would drink a whole glass of it? How could you choke it down? Yes, good for many things...drink if you feel a cold coming on, it can help that.

  17. Shits! It's for loosing weight kah? Many donkey years ago... I drank this... quite a lot=.=

  18. ginny: oh, i can drink it.. esp in the morning, im very thirsty...

    cleff: no wonder la.. now u dont need to drink already..just sit back and eat more!! :)

  19. Apple cider vinegar does indeed offer relief from an extensive list of conditions while also promoting weight loss and increasing your daily supply of energy, and it does so not by being any sort of magic bullet but simply by reinforcing the body’s own processes. The body is a remarkable thing, capable of building and repairing itself almost indefinitely. Unfortunately, our diets and habits don’t offer the body the nutrition and movement it needs to work optimally. Apple cider vinegar works to increase digestive efficiency, the flow of nutrition and waste throughout and out of the body, and the potency of all the body’s circulatory, digestive, immune, excretory, and other systems.
    Daniel P. Kray

    Author, Apple Cider Vinegar: A Modern Folk Remedy in softcover and digital editions.

  20. Good for health. Hard to drink - so sour! LOL!!!

  21. reanaclaire: after drinking, must go toilet poo?? Hahaha... My collegue used to drink that, I saw keep running toilet ... hahaha

  22. stp: what is nice is hard to consume..hahaha..

    june" no need to run la.. walk faster sudah la..hahhaa... actually, no, u wont get stomach ache if u drink it daily..

  23. This is a very good and healthy combination. But I was wondering why you are on to trying this thing for no reason. Bye and take care.

  24. I have bought 2 bottles before from EYS and I love it so much!

    For me, I drank it for healthy purposes but of course if it can helps to reduce some weight, why not right? hehe.


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