Sunday, September 19, 2010

Night Market In Kuala Sepetang

Went for a short visit to Kuala Sepetang and while we were there, the night market has just started to open business. Without wasting much time, we parked the car nearby and walked around the vicinity... first time experiencing the night market in this fishing village...

along the main road..

the motorists there were more relaxed in a way..
helmet-less and also below 16 can ride motorbikes :p

entrance to the rows of vendors selling their goods..

oh, i bought some fresh sweet potato dumplings..
forgot to take a picture of them.. haiyah..


  1. such a nice peaceful town. really appreciate the simplicity of life in places like these. glad you had a chance to wander through with the family.

  2. Did u manage to eat curry mee or loh mee?

  3. tuti: yes, it is good to venture into small towns.... something different from bigger cities...

    angeline; no la.. we took some seafood instead..

  4. Oh, you went to Kuala Sepetang. You seem to like this fishing village a lot. I have seen several posts of yours about this place. I suppose you find something interesting about Sepetang.

  5. mingna: yes, near...and also easy to find.. hahaha.. what other place do u recommend in Taiping?

  6. reanaclaire: Thanks for sharing.. I love this post.. Next time I back to my hometown I will Kuala Sepetang is a nice place to visit. I get the info from you when im going, ok? =D

  7. This type of night markets are common now a days but the special feature of this market makes it very unique from the rest. Hope to visit the market if I ever been there. Bye.

  8. yes, u should come and visit here too..


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