Sunday, September 19, 2010

Free Tutoring Online

For the past one week when Aaron was back home, Fern quickly sought him out to teach her some help her on some Algebra1 and Algebra 2. Both brother and sister were discussing about how to solve some problems and I, being the mum, stood by helplessly. I have forgotten all about maths problem, if you ask me. Everything in my work now involves calculators and using microsoft excel formula in the computer. What the teacher had taught me, it has "gone to the wind."
But when Aaron goes back to college, my girl will have to learn by herself or another alternative is online tutoring by I have logged in to their website to find out more and there are in fact a lot of lessons and practical to practise on. Subjects touching on Chemistry help and Statistics help are included in the website and one can seek free math tutoring online as well. Not bad for an online website to touch on these subjects, so convenient and affordable. In fact the students can even connect to a tutor whenever they are in need of help especially some need for math answers. Well, as far as Fern is concerned, she will only seek help from her brothers and from her tuition teachers who are paid to teach.


  1. Great job after all. Carry on with this profession if you want. Our best wishes are with you. Take care.


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