Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tepi Sungai Seafood In Kuala Sepetang

It was almost 6pm when we arrived at this seafood shop in Kuala Sepetang. There are a few shops along the same row but we came back to the same one because it has a better view upstairs....hahaha... I wonder which shop offers better taste... next time I will try out another shop.
the front entrance... you do not feel "enticed" by the outlook...

opposite the shop is a mini petrol station... no brand one..

the shop leading to the river...

see the top portion? that is where we took our "food"
most of the people will take out their cameras and start shooting from above
but this time I was below... narrow pathway to walk upon
I was very "skeptical" at first..
cos I scared I fall into the river..
but obviously I didnt.. hahaha...


  1. I've never been to any seafood restaurants in Kuala Sepetang. Perhaps you can be my guide one day. However, I was once given a bagful of fresh prawns from a girl whose father is a fisherman in Sepetang. I spent less than 10 minutes talking to her father and got such a big return. Any way, the prawns are really nice. 200% better than those in the morning market.

  2. Looks like an interesting place. I thought the narrow wooden stilts looked like Pulau Ketam.

  3. Aunt Claire - I always love going to these places for seafood! The seafood are fresh and delicious but not sure if its expensive.

  4. I feel so paiseh already, i don't even know where Kuala Sepetang is also,,hahahaha.

    Anyway,i told myself before i came to your blog that the latest post of yours must be about makan makan and jalan jalan one over the weekend, i bet i was right.

  5. eugene: it is not paiseh for u not to know cos u r not staying in Perak ma.. I only got to know recently.. hahaha...

    wenn: oh, i thought u r from Taiping?

  6. Hai Sang Seafood Restaurant food also nice one! cheap too! So great u've been there...

  7. angeline: this is called Hai Sang? :)

  8. I love to have sea foods. It is a good chance to get such food there. Nice to know about it. Bye.

  9. maidstone..yes, i love seafood too..


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