Friday, October 22, 2010

Caught Them In Action Taiping Lake

Taking a stroll in Taiping Lake is really something... so nice and relaxing. No stress, no thoughts of work and problems, just looking at the scenes left and right, front and back is pure joy.

As we walked along the path, we came to this area where there were two young men busily engrossed doing this graffiti in their own world. The wall they were painting was actually a garbage door where rubbish was dumped into. But these two guys took the trouble to buy lots of tin sprays and came up with this picture on the garbage door... we were so fascinated that we stood by and watched them do the job..........

a young guy... patiently spraying on the garbage door

see what they have done...
so nice of them to beautify the metal door...

i m sure they will be very proud of their art
hope the rain won't spoil their efforts!


  1. It took me a while to search on the web, only your site unfold the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

    - Kris

  2. Ohhh, grafitti. That's beautiful. Dun worry... such spray paint wun come off easily. I daresay this one can last for years.

  3. hi Kris,may I know your blog url?

    cleff: yes, hope the rain wont wash it away..

  4. don't worry the spray won't fade by water.. ^_^

  5. em....very artistics, some in the US subways very nice!

  6. awesome effort by the youth. i know a friend who does graffiti and they are super talented!

  7. They are so damn creative. least they did some good deed there painting the thrashing place. :D

  8. Beautiful!!!! Making an ugly thing so pretty. How long did you stay and how long did it take them to paint this?

  9. Phew...I thought you caught your son or somebody in the park! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  10. i love graffiti and i always admire their talents.. if you ever come to KL, there a place where you can see a whole stretch of graffiti paintings at least 500m along the river opposite Pasar Seni.. that's very cool..

  11. Very talented youngster. Good effort and time spent on value added job.

  12. cath: yeah, otherwise wasted!

    pete: yes, very artistic, many of them

    daniel: i admire those who can draw so well...

    tekkaus: they have the interest and dont mind spending the money too..

    ginny: we stood there 10 min or so.. then we continued our walk..

    stp: u and your thoughts!!! hahahaa..

    sk: i didnt know that. it is good to give them a place to draw..

    carol: yeah, me no talent in that!

    yan: yes, at least they have the interest..

    mery i didnt wait for them to finish...

  13. nice least it's not a sight for sore eyes


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