Thursday, October 21, 2010

Extra Allowance Online

That's the way ..aha aha.. I like it.. aha aha..
That's the way ..aha aha.. I like it.. aha aha..

Thank you, LingLing
For creating this ME above
I feel good...
I look cool...
Come, Let's Flashdance!!
That's the way I like it!!

Ok... jokes aside... now coming to serious business...

One close friend of mine, he is looking for good quality blogs with niches like Travel, Sports, Home Interior, Fashion/Shopping, Parenting, Gaming and Music to do paid posts and sidebar links...

He will pay good money if your blogs are based on the above categories. If you want to earn some side allowance, do send in your blogs to his email ......

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  1. Wahhh... i oso wanna put up mine. LOL!

  2. this is dtac one diy app from many ppl using this app now..very famous..

  3. cleff: let me see yours..

    kucing: where is yours? :)

    shuying: hahaa.i dint know that..

    merryn: real person not so cute hor..

    mingna: thanks! yr pic here also cute!

  4. LOL! You look very cheerful, young and energetic, so cute!^-^ Have a great weekend ya!

  5. What a cute caricature!

    Btw Claire, wanna know if my post was submitted and if so, was it disapproved? Just curious!

  6. That is a very cool picture of you, but you are really much prettier!

  7. hahaha!! i know this one! from fb apps! :p

  8. LOL!!! That's cute. Looks like you...

  9. You DO look cool!

    And I'm happy to be on your blogroll, blog-sister :)

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral


  10. This character suits you better! Cute look!

  11. alice: u too.. have a great time!!

    bengkee: *red faced*

    ginny: thank u..hahahaha..

    stp: which part looks like me?? :0

    cloudia: aloha!!

    kristy: yeah, i put up the banner one day..hahaha..

  12. Nice one there,,,,,,,, cool,shall we dance? flashdance or breakdance also can lah.

    aiyo, i am not qualify to take Tony's allowance lah, sob sob. there goes my allowance

  13. Hahhahah....i always love to see you smile cheerfully!!!

    Oh..paid post..great!!!will try out my luck then

  14. eugene: last time i gave u one, u didnt do too :)

    elin: real person not so cute hor? hahaha...

    ling: try of charge!

  15. Nice looks..
    Will try my luck for the paidpost..TQ!!

  16. Cute caricature of you!

    Woo-hoo! Another opportunity! Thanks for making this known! :-D

  17. ONE and the only ONE Reanaclaire...aha aha!

  18. War...I wanna ask LIngLing to make an avatar for me too. :D

  19. Too bad my blog is not a niche blog. Ha :D

  20. mery:do try.. though cannot guarantee..

    cindy: yes..

    barb: i think cannot :)

    alice: go try. i also dont know,.

    bananaz: original one.. hahaha..

    tekkaus: i bet yours will be very cute too.. u wanna try on the paid post?

  21. That's very cute! And love the avatar carrying a guitar.

  22. Your cartoon is so cute. My blog not qualify-lah. Does he receive any blogs not in the topics mentioned?

  23. yeah yeah! u look so cute (^^)

  24. Hi Claire,

    Yes, you looked so cute. Please ask your friend whether I am qualify too? hahaha and have a nice weekend.

  25. hi all of you.sorry i cannot reply you all personally.. yes, i hope you can get some jobs there..
    what i know is that he needs PR2 at least... and if your blog theme is one of the mentioned, you will get posts.. do write to him...

  26. nice one! :) will contact the person soon... u so cute la :)


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