Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kim Bali In First Garden

Here is a more detailed post about our Friday Girls' Meet in Kim Bali, suggested by Wenn. Her choice was just perfect, the weather outside was so burning hot and it was a nice cooling environment when we stepped into Kim Bali in First Garden.

Upon entering, we saw Wenn and her princess already at the table waiting for Elin and I. After some handshake *hugs* between Elin and Wenn, we sat down comfortably and enjoyed the conversation while the "captain" recommended some dishes to us. We let Wenn decide on the dishes since she was the "boss" for that delicious meal we were going to partake.. hahaha....

While I.... getting ready to snap here and there..

more pictures in Wenn's blog

our first dish.. something korean-cy...
as an appetizer...

don't ask me what they were...
all we did was to place a bit here and there...

taadaaaa... it became like this...
the "crunchiness" sound of the vege plus the ingredients
could be heard.. plus all the "hhmmmm" too! lol...

then came the chicken.. something like honey...

broccoli with "abalone"

minced meat with salted fish.. shredded ginger on top

then the fish in thai sauce...
sweet sour taste.. best!

I like this picture.. capturing the scene...

the Friday Girls.. hahaha...


  1. I just love gatherings, for those sweet moments... The three of you looked great in the last picture.

  2. Wow, I am salivating at the food leh...

  3. crunchy, healthy food and great company. what a perfect combination!

  4. Omigosh looking at all the picture I AM VERY HUNGRY NOW!


  5. mingna: can u join us during our next meeting up?

    chrisau: yeah..korean, thai and balinese..

    spicymom: esp when we r hungry, right?

    tuti: when can u make it more perfect? joining us one day?

    daniel: hope u are full now..

  6. It's my pleasure to meet you all! Kindly let me know when the next meeting is. Thx.

  7. So glad you all had fun! That is a beautiful restaraunt, for sure. So that is abalone on the broccoli? Gosh, I don't even know if they sell that here, I've never heard of anyone eating it or seen any recipes for it. But the food all looks good, kind of different from the kind usually show.

  8. Foo dlooks good...but you ordered Chinese? With a name like Bali, I would go for Indonesian - love Indonesian food. Kim Bali...something like Kim Gary?

  9. the food were indeed special..need lots of visits to try all. haha..

  10. mingna: i let u know.. :)

    sheohyan: dont we ever! hahaha..

    ginny: all asian food, they look funny, right?

    stp: not so sure why bali or chinese.. to me, i wallop anything served..

    wenn: forgot to ask u the price.. is it expensive or not..

  11. Please tell me you are only joking about this Friday girl out,,,, i mean ok with the three girls but the three girls with the FOOD,and so much of it,, sure salute you girls ,,,,,,

    i can tell you gals were having such a nice time, may be next time you can suggest go to some dancing dancing place,,,,relive the Mama Mia time,,,, ooh see that girl, watch that scene,,,,

  12. Wah...Fridy night out with food. I love it. The food look so yummy. Next time go dancing2 as well as Eugene said. Mama Mia!!..hehe

  13. omg! the foods! eiyerr so yummy! i love broccoli!!

  14. Wooo..the slices of abalone are so tempting. Claire u look great in the outfit!

  15. Claire: i like the abalone. Compare to the rest, u still look pretty leh!

  16. oossshhh...the minced meat dish looks good! Nice outing among girls.

  17. eugene: what a wonderful idea.. mama mia.. here we go again!!

    alv: wanna join us?

    caroline: yes, broccoli is anti cancerous...

    ling: thank u!

    angeline: come over to ipoh.. hahaha...

    ann: yes, it is good to meet up with the wonderful ladies..

  18. The food makes me feel hungry.

  19. mery, hope u had a nice meal too!

  20. Hope you people enjoyed a lot and had a tasty meal too., even I love gatherings, those sweet moments are very special enjoyed with our friends...

  21. hmmm..i am thinking what food they serve in Kim Bali. Korean food? Indon food? But the food you all order looks like chinese food. The appetizer looks like korean dish, all mixed up. hahahah

  22. Claire: u wanna treat me ar? Lol

  23. Kim Bali in First Garden is really a wonderful place to enjoy the weekend or a nice meal. The foods are looking really delicious especially the fish. I really love fish. Hope you enjoyed the food.

  24. food looks awesome and your post is also very good...thanx for sharing......graphic designer


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