Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Meet-Up With The "Friday Girls"

Yes, we ladies aka "aunties" met up for lunch yesterday, it was a long lunch break for us and Wenn, as usual, is our "lady boss" for the meal. She suggest Kim Bali in First Garden and we had a nice time chit chatting with one another and of course, not forgetting the sumptuous food she ordered for us as well. Thank you, Wenn for the yummylicious lunch!

Wenn met up with Elin for the first time and I could see that both of them have something in common... yeah.. just look at this picture...

can you see something in common?
YES lo.. both of them have the "height"
Even with my high heels, I can no way reach up to their height!

next, I will post up what we ate.. but u can hop over to Scrumptious now if u want to see what we had...


  1. always good to have gathering lunch with friends..

    Which one is Wenn and which one is Elin?Juz curious.

  2. Lovely! Could always meet up with bloggers. *envy*

  3. Claire, wow... you look so gorgeous in that picture! Like lady boss! haha... If you go there for a few more rounds... sure you can no more put on that lovely skirt. Elin 5'4"??? Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  4. mery: that is where the fun is.. :)

    cindy: one day we must meet up too, ok?

    kristy: hey... dont remind me lar.. i am trying to eat less lar! but with yr food, i dont want to think of dieting..

  5. That is because your high heels isn't high enough. LOL :D

  6. But you are so cute and petite! Here we say that good things come in small packages!!

  7. Bwhahahahaha... the 'balik kampung gang' of Ipoh? LOL... I oso went makan makan wif my kawan today. Now stuffed like ular... (actually I'm not suppose to go makan, cuz baru recover from lausai... but lantak la... baru recover the more reason to makan!)

  8. Hey! I posted a comment and it has disappeared? Well, I've met you before - don;t think you're short or small. They're tall, that's all...and anyway, as they say - cili padi - real hawt!!! LOL!!!

  9. cath: yeah, fun...

    wenn: our pleasure too! next round on us..

    ginny: thank u.. :)

    cleff: u lausai ah? gosh..must be very slim and trim now.. *envi*

    stp: your previous comment went to the post before this.. i was wondering why u commented there... hahaha...looks like we ladies made u wan tor tor? hahhaa... just kidding..

  10. Oh? Is that so? Must be see all the beautiful ladies, already mabuk! Muahahahaha!!!!

  11. it is nice for online friends to get together for a quick meet and share the same interests :) food is always a good start! me and my friends usually do a run then end up eaaaaating out :)

  12. stp: hhaha.. *pengsan* the young ones will laugh their heads off.. hahaha...

    cacho : i guess we all like to eat.. meeting up means eating..gosh!

  13. So Wenn is your lady-boss. You all should be thankful to her as she was the person to propose the name of Kim Bali in First Garden. I hope you enjoyed your time with those 'Friday Girls'.

  14. finally nice meeting you, Reana :)


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