Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pet Shop

After lunch while walking back to our car, Elin and I stopped by a pet shop to buy some "leather bones" for our doggies... both of us have big giant dogs at home so we ended up buying giant bones for our dogs to play with....
While waiting for our "bones" to be collected, I "snooped" around the shop and saw this poor puppy... waiting to be fostered by someone...

such a forlorn look....

The three pinchers.. sad looks too...

aikss.. this friend here din't look sad...
it has a friendly smile there.. right? :p


  1. Claire, I love visiting pet shop! Some pets cost thousands of! Just visit, don't bring home. If anyone of you are looking for a pet, just go to SPCA and get one free from there. Hope you're having a wonderful evening.

  2. oh... very FRIENDLYyyyy... hehehehhe

  3. Are you sure the mutts are up for adoption, or being sold?

    Reptiles, Ewwwwwwww

  4. Dare not keep a pet, I'm still traumatised by my past experience. I kept a tortoise as pet when I was 8. It died the following year. Cause of death? I forgot to feed it for a week, so it died of STARVATION.

  5. i dun like visiting pet shop sometimes. it breaks my heart seeing the poor puppies and kitties waiting for someone to buy them and bring them home.. =(

  6. I seldom like to look at such caged animals. So sad for them!

  7. yes! the iguana looks like its smiling! hahaha, so cute :-D.

    pet shop is one of the most dangerous zones... my kids might end up bringing something back, and we have to add more chores to our already very busy schedule!

  8. Poor pets. Have to be caged because of us. :(


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