Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank You For Your Wishes!

My Girl Says......
Welcome to Citrus Wine & Dine...

"This is the place I celebrated my 16th birthday... "
Before the food was served, mum and I went round taking pictures..

first timers... sure want to take pictures... hahahaa..
here, there and everywhere...
after a short while...the food started to arrive...

creamy chicken soup with something on top....

grilled chicken with something... i forgot what...

the MOST PRICEY dish my mum had ever taken 3 types of seafood... RM55!! hahaha...

a slab of cod fish..

two fresh scallops...

and a piece of unagi ..something something..

Thank you for all your wishes!!
Come Friday, my brothers will be back...

& Mum is going to "burn her pocket" again!! LOL....


  1. Tomorrow another round of celebration...Yippeee

  2. wat a way to describe the food man.. 'something something here.. something something there.. ' lol.. very informative indeed :D

    big girl dy! Sweet 16 ! SWEEEEEET :D

  3. happy sweet 16th day to your gurl:-)..she's beautiful:-)

  4. Happy sweet sixteen to your daughter.
    Wah, pricey seafood, at first I thought you striked the jackpot lottery liao! he he he!

  5. nice food, especially the grilled chicken with "something something".. happy sweet 16 to your girl, and tomorrow another round of celebration with son?? haha~~ :p

  6. 3 types of seafood for RM55? wow. so expensive.

  7. Happy Sweet 16 to your beautiful girl, she is gorgeous! Wow at the delicious spread of gourmet and double WOW at the price!:D

    Happy weekend Claire!

  8. Happy Sweet 16 to your sweet princess! The restaurant is really something... swanky! :)

  9. Reanaclaire, is that your girl? Happy Birthday to her and congratulations to you! A proud mother to a sweet sixteen girl :)

  10. Happy b'day to yr girl. She has a smile like you.

  11. She is so lucky to have such a wonderful mum.

  12. kathy: wanna join us? hahaha...

    merryn: hahaha...sorry ah.. cos the names are so long..


    pete: must treat ourselves.. dont think of the price for one night.. hahaha...

    sk: how did u guess..hahaha.. not sure yet where.. maybe eat at home lar!

  13. Daughter, you are BEAUTIFUL, and you have e very good mom!!! This is the yummiest food on your blog yet!!! Happy Sweet Sixteen again!!!

  14. Clair: Your daughter is just beautiful, happy 16. My grandson turns 16 in April.

  15. RM55??? *pengsan...but never mind, once in a lifetime. Must splash and have a really good celebration. Your girl certainly looks so happy... Sweet 16, so young! The best times of one's life!

  16. Hi Reana, Holy Smoke! Your daughter really has her mom's traffic stopper looks!
    She's really gorgeous!
    I guess from now on you'll be getting lots of goreng pisang, ta'pau foods when her boyfriends come calling, ha ha.

    Looking at her, you might need a cop to direct traffic outside your house.
    Holy Smoke! Love those dishes...they look sinfully delicious! And nice place too.

    Here's wishing your daughter....pssssst! looks like your sister, *wink*....Many happy returns of the day.
    Happy birthday young lady.....
    Best regards, Lee.

  17. alice: when the bill came, I also WOW!!

    chloe: is that what it is called? Swanky? hahaha.. i must use this word.. cool!

    PuanIsah: thanks so much!

    TZ: Citrus Wine & Dine in Ipoh Garden East...

    jessie: she wont like to hear that..hahahaa..

  18. ginny: always complimenting.. thanks!!!

    tom: wow..i wonder how old i m when i get a 16 yr old grandchild!

    stp: i think we must splash ourselves once awhile! money is not that big anymore.. hahahaa..

    U.Lee: your comments brings unfailing smiles as usual.. hahaha... thank u so much..

  19. Birthday girl must take pics kau-kau. And eat kau-kau, never mind about mummy's pocket. This is one year once chance to burn a hole in it. Muahahahaha!

  20. No problem are most welcome

  21. yvonne: best compliment for her!

    eugene: got pressie?

  22. Happy sweet birthday! she's really pretty ;)

  23. Happy Belated Birthday to your little gal, Claire! She looks more like your younger sis than your baby gal. I think both of you can share clothing too!

    Wow, the food looked fabulous. What a generous mommy you are, Claire!

  24. Wow, very nice interior of the restaurant! Hahaha....the RM55 you paid is not only for the food, but also for the ambience and interior design! :-D

  25. Happy Birthday to your pretty girl.....another celebration..good!

  26. actually ar ah Gal...ur mom just being plain lazy cos she dont want to cook dinner. She rather spend with u and another when ur bro is back...hehehehe but look at the bright side..which means She Loves You and wants u to be happy and have a Great day on ur birthday :)

  27. Claire, wish your gal a Happy Birthday from me...It's really a sweet one.

  28. Happy 16th Birthday to your princess, Claire! So sweet!

  29. Wah wah.. your mommy very 'fut low' suddenly splurged on seafood! But I'm sure she's too happy to celebrate your birthday! :)

  30. hayley: still small to me.. baby..

    ipohgal: not generous..after paying, whole night cannot sleep.. hahahaa...

    alice: bit the lips and pay! :)

    mery: thanks!

    rachel: dont bocor rahsia la.. u really understand me very well.. if i cook, she rather go hungry, cham moe! hahaha..

    ling: thanks, my dear...

    raynebows: how have u been.. u er.. MIA! :)

    sweetwitch: as rachel said, mum is too lazy and 2ndly,doesnt know how to cook too!

  31. another round of fun. The food looks good.

  32. Like Mom Like doter hoh. Two standing together must be like sisters, tee hee hee.

  33. sweet sixteen going on seventeen! you're so lucky to have a cool mummy ler! Happy Birthday!

  34. She has to be grateful to be able to dine at such places. :D

  35. Nowadays, children are very lucky. They get to enjoy food while they are still young..anyway, best wishes to Fernie. Many happy returns of the day!

  36. Happy Belated Birthday to your girl:)Seafood? Yummy!

  37. Happy Belated sweet 16 birthday to Fernie!!

    Very nice and cozy restaurant, food look very good too. :)

  38. Wow..Fernie...Happy Sweet Sixteen again:) And your grilled chicken with something something looks delicious. And your mom's dish ...gosh! more delicious than all those chicken something something :))) have fun and I am sure you love that birthday present your mom and brothers gave u :)

  39. mnhl: yes, they were not bad.. pricey of course!

    cy: dont let her see that! hahaha...

    peiyi: thanks!

    tekkaus: can u ask her for me? :p

    wenn: yeah, i agree with u 100%.. are we spoiling them?

    denesa: a mixture of some.. thanks!

    annie: as i was saying, it burnt a hole too.. hahahaa..

    elin: we still miss yr cake anyway! hahahaa.. know what to do..

  40. It is clear from the post that you enjoyed the dinner. The dishes are costly but they tasted well. Aren't they? So don't worry about money.

  41. Claire,
    I am sure the seafood taste absolutely good. It looked so fresh!

  42. belated birthday greetings!

    ai yah, what's a small hole in pocket when the kids are so well brought up?

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