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3 Idiots Help Us Through The Night

When we came back late last night from the wake service, Andy went to "unplug" the computer speakers and took them to my bedroom. He plugged in his computer to the TV and with all the woofer, speakers and stuff, he told us to sit down to enjoy a Hindi movie!

Hindi Movie??? Gosh, of all movies?? Not that I am biased, (I watched Kuch Kuch Kotahei before and few other Hindi movies, all Shah Rukh Khan type) ... and I was thinking, "It better be good..... or else......"

Andy assured me and his siblings... "u all just sit and watch la..... this movie is really nice one...."

Well, with the pc in front of me, I think it is good to multi task and no waste time watching a Hindi movie with lots of singing and dancing.......

But to my own amazement, my work came to a stop after some minutes into the movie... in fact, the four of us enjoyed the first half of the show very much...

Why first half??? Cos it was nearly 1am by then.... I beh tahan already, I wanted to continue but my eyes and mind refused to budge... reluctantly, all of us called it a night...

In two hours time, we will continue with the Three Idiots.... it is an entertaining movie, I think it is a good remedy for me.... for my kids..........for us.


  1. last time used to be the 3 stooges

  2. i'm crying, gelak, smiling, n so on when wathing this movie.
    haha. aamir khan so hansome! :)

  3. like indian movies? later date a handsome young fair indian. hehehe

  4. I will definitely source this out and give it a watch.
    Thank you for your review and thank you for sharing~

  5. hahahhaha... hindi movie...nice clare... niceee... :D

    I don't kw when was the last time I watch hindi movie.. ;-p

  6. kathy: that was way long ago.. black white movie...

    server: i only watched half.. :)

    chrisau: so serious meh...

    dorothy: u r welcome...

    cath: before this, i also cannot remember when i watch the whole hindi movie

  7. To me, hindi movies = singing n dancing n rolling ard on the grass. hehehe

  8. Hi Reanaclaire, watching an Indian movie? Any subtitles?
    I guess there are good Indian movies from what I hear.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  9. A lot of people posted on that movie on Facebook. Must be a good one...but like you, after halfway, I would be snoring already... Can't tahan anymore...watching movies.

  10. It looks funny, but I don't know what a Hindi movie is!! We don't have them here.

  11. thoughtful of your son. he knows it's a great way to de-stress :D

  12. I just wonder how to lay my hands on this movie?

    My fav Hindi movie of all the time is "Bobby", remember this?

    rest well ya

  13. Your post title kinda shocked me :P lolz

  14. I used to like Bollywood movies, especially Salman Khan one, but I couldn't find the luxury time to watch it now after having 2 girls, because the movie usually lasted for more than 3 hours.

  15. i know this movie is kind of long, that's y i also watched till half way. Till now still havent continue back

  16. Really that good? Hmm, may be will consider to buy the DVD then ;)

  17. What an interesting movie title! LOL!

  18. No dancing behind the tree thing?

  19. eh, is the middle guy Amir Khan, i like his movie le, lengchai marr! hahaha! i used to watch a lot hindi movies last time, lepas skool :)


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