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Cry Foul

After taking two days off, I do not feel like going to work tomorrow.... time really flies...

Since I was on leave, I went to settle my credit card payment with this bank ... I was wondering why they never sent me a statement ... I feel it is long overdue....
This bank gave me a platinum card some time ago....
It was quite attractive with a rebate of $188...

This afternoon when I went to enquire, they told me that my billing date was on the 24/11 ...
Today is 30/11 and I am being charged some interest which was quite hefty because I had charged a few thousand ringgit using the credit card for some hospital fees...

When I told them that I didn't receive the statement, they told me that I did not request for a hard copy of statement to be sent to my house... Gosh, do I have to request??

Isn't it a normal procedure to send credit card statement to our address each month? Otherwise how am I to know how much to pay and the last payment due date?

I guess I have to cancel this credit card in this bank very soon......


  1. Wah, got platinum card....kaya lorrr!

  2. which bank? I slammed HLB before and cancelled my cards. They gave me extra cards which I doesn't need (a pair of mastercard and visa)and another pair for my supplementary cards. Then they want to charge me $250 for all cards, stating it's govt's fees. I said I don;t need so many cards and didn't even used it. They reduce the charges to $25 after that. After I paid the $25, they didn't activate my only card which I needed but instead cancelled it and asked me to re-apply. I will never transact in HLB again after my home loan due.

  3. Oh.,.,Tats come the bank never sent you the statement every month and only when you requested,then they will sent out...Weird la.
    I guess you should make a complain on this issue,get an explanation and ask the bank to waive the late and interest charge.
    It is totally not your fault and you should not pay for all those charges.

  4. You just have to keep track of your cards statements and call them when you don't see it. Sometimes it gets lost, sometimes they just don't send it to you. In the end, we are the one who need to pay the penalty.. so.. no choice but to monitor lor..

  5. That is not fair, you have gotten me mad now, Claire!! Let me tell you something. The tellers and regular workers have to follow the rules and can do nothing about it, but the manager CAN!! We have had late payments a few times, and they charge a late fee. When Phil calls them up and talks to the manager, they take away the fee. You need to ask to speak to someone in charge, a boss of some sort, and tell them that they did not inform you, and it will not happen again, but for now, and since it is at Christmas, they need to drop this fee!!

  6. tsk3..... how can they charge like that. if i were you, i think i just cancel the card... switch to other bank ?

  7. Do online banking...can keep a tab on payments. Or go around the same date every month and ask them to print a copy of your statement - no need to wait for the postman - sometimes never comes...and get hukum!

  8. I heard some banks wun send u unless u request for the statements. Cis... environmental friendly la konon!

  9. This is very strange, not getting a statement of payment due. How would you know what your payment would be? I do alot of payments on line now but they always send me a reminder email to do so.

  10. pete: when i applied, they didnt tell me that..

    chrisau:SCB.. i told the girl in the bank yesterday to make sure i rec hard copy statement cos i do not have their online clicks.. i do not have savings there too!

    mery: cannot see statement, very hard to check exactly how much.. sigh.. guess i have to refrain from using that card..

    merryn: yeah, that is the problem of having too many cards.. cannot control.. hahaha.. got to cut cut cut!!

    ginny: u r very right, i have to see the manager if i want to waive the interest off..

    goldflower: i will stop using before year end expires..

    stp: i normally do my online banking with one particular bank only.. this one is a newly applied one.. i do not have any savings in that bank.. guess i got to cancel it one day..

  11. cleff: then tell la.. this old lady here mana boleh ingat!!

    cheryl: yeah, at least thru email they should remind me.. this is the first month.. so how would i to know their due date?

  12. You can go online to check your credit statement. I just did that and it was so much convenient. Go to the bank and ask for your online credit card banking. Thye will give you a password. Just log in and can view every transaction done...very canggih. No need to cancel your platinum card. Useful for you when you go overseas !

  13. Can "threaten" them that you wanna cancel the card unless they waive the late charges. These Banks are desperate and they will waive for you just to retain you as customer.

  14. We overlook sometimes if we have so many credit cards. It happened to me before. I cancelled two and only have two now with the same bank I have my other bank accounts. I only have to click click to make payment online and it's a breeze..:)

  15. They will waive that late charges for you, provided you have been a prompt payor,,, secondly,you are good at negotiating, thirdly and the most powerful weapon.... threatening hahahahah. you no waive, i cancel,

    it works most of the times, don't try this at home, try it on the banks hahahahh

  16. OOps , forgot to congratulate you pulak,, platinum card,, they say this only reserved for the select few

  17. I dont wait for statement to send over cos i know at times it might miss out. Therefore, most of my bills are

  18. I kena b4.. they switched to eStatement but never give us a choice to say OK or not. I also based on receiving statement to make payment and I also need the paper statement for my own record filing. And I also cannot access their online banking. So at the end, for 2-3 months I have to call up them to ask for outstanding amount before they resume sending the statement to my house. All because of their new system without informing us in advance made us so mah fan.

  19. elin: yeah... thanks for the advice.. so mar farn with cards.. greedy for the 188rm ma..

    kathy: we clients tai sai??? hahaa..

    eugene: cos ah.. i have been a member since 2002 but stopped at 2003.. maybe they tot i m still faithful card holder?? :)

    ling: wah..u so IN one.. i must follow you la..

    cheeyee: just now one of their staff called me up.. then i told her about my problem, she said she will check for me.. but need me to go there to sign something..

  20. Aiyo! I use debit card also they still send me monthly statements, automatically.

    I guess in the future you need to ask them whether they will send you the statements by default or not.

    But for credit cards, isn't it common sense for them to tell you how much you need to pay them? Statements also serve as a reminder for you to pay up. People can't be remembering to pay all their bills, if they are so busy!

    Must ask the bank officers to use their brains a bit leh...

  21. Many businesses are using online statement nowadays, and you have to get online to see them..I prefer hard-copy.

  22. one of the staff called me today.. asked me how come i paid more than charged.. hahaa.. i told her that i paid in advance just in case i forget..

    yes, i cannot manage more than a card.. better go potong! hahaha..

  23. i only have a card and i hardly use it. I do receive my statement every month.

  24. wah, which bank is that?? never send out bills and expect people to pay?? that's not reasonable lah..

  25. Even if u decide to cancel the card, do ask for a waiver of interest. Wat for wanna pay them extra for something that's not ur fault, rite?


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